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Ylona Garcia: Nothing can stop this artist
By Alexandra Bonnet

Featured in BELLO December 2019 issue #196.

Having started her career at such a young age, the beautiful Ylona Garcia knows what she wants and where she is going. Working hard everyday to better herself, the Filipino-Australian actress and singer has already learned many lessons. She never gives up no matter what life throws at her and has found her passion as an artist. At the age of 17, Ylona Garcia knows for certain that this is the path she was meant to be on and nothing is stopping her!

At the age of 13, you launched your first single “Win The Fight.” Share with us what it was like starting your career at such a young age.

Starting a career at a young age, 13 to be exact, was exhilarating & beyond exciting because it’s literally everything I’ve been dreaming of since i was 9 years old.

What are some key factors that have influenced your growth as an artist?

Key factors that have influenced my growth as an artist are my experiences, books that I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, family & friends that have constantly encouraged me to always outdo myself in music & life in general.

What drives/inspires you to create your content?

What truly inspires me to create my content is my vision to always get better and be better than the last time i delivered a piece of my heart to the world.

When you are acting, what are some of your favorite characters to play? Why?

At the moment, i don’t have any favorite characters I’ve played just yet, for there are a vast number of roles that i haven’t been given the chance to take on.

You have an amazing style. Tell us more about it.

My style leans more on what makes me feel comfortable; physically & mentally. I like to try on new things & different styles, maybe even follow a few trends, but it all leads back to what makes me comfortable & what best showcases my personality; Street & Chic Style.

Share with us one of your fondest moments on stage. What kind of impact did it have on you?

One of my fondest memories on stage was, performing my first ever self-written song in front of thousands of people & having each and every one of them singing the words to it. It made me realize that with all the possibilities of what i can do with my life, I’d choose to be an artist, every single time.

What are some new things your fans can expect to see in the upcoming year?

New things my fans can expect to see in the upcoming year of 2020, is more music, more live shows, possible acting stints & more ylo.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could live anywhere, I’d live everywhere. I would have apartments and houses anywhere I’d like; Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Philippines, Italy, Japan. Places that i can live in and go to at a moments notice anytime I like.

How has your family background influenced who you are today?

My family background influenced who i am today through teaching me important values in life. For example: how to keep fighting even when you’ve been kicked down too many times to count & that a diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining, for it once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.

Have you ever thought of pursuing another career in the future?

Yes, I’ve thought about pursuing other careers and lives that I could have, but I think, although I’m quite young to be sure about what I want at 17 for the rest of my life, I’m adamant & rather stubborn & thrilled about pursuing the career of an artist, forever.


Talent: YLONA GARCIA @ylonagarcia
Photographer: KARINA DOBRA @karinadobraphot
Assistant Photographer: ROMAN ALDAINE @romanaldaine
Retoucher: MARIA YUSCHENKO @chezaretush
Creative Direction: ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph
Stylist: LO VONRUMPF @stylelvr
Hair: DONETT DEE EIWASIAN @beautybydee
Makeup: DANNI KATZ @dannidoesit (Beauty Credit Kevyn Aucoin)
Production: @BELLOMediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA x bonnetalex18

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