Lex Scott Davis

Lex Scott Davis can be seen on the recently released series, REBEL, where she plays alongside some of her favorite actors. Truly taking on her role and embracing all the show has to offer, it’s safe to say that she wowed us all! Just like a sponge, she absorbs all the lessons offered both on set and in real life as continues to make her way to the top. Striving to be a powerhouse, this strong and beautiful woman does not back down as she inspires us to be the best version of ourselves! Keep killin’ it!

On set of REBEL, how did you prep before shooting a scene? Do you have any specific techniques/ rituals before you film?

Once I go through hair and makeup, I put on the clothes of my character and that helps me hone in on everything I need to bring her to life. I may play some music while I run the lines to myself a few times. But I never overdo it…I’m a firm believer in being free in the space, allowing my scene partner and director help guide how I say what it is on the page.

What was your favorite part of shooting this series? What did you look most forward to when you would go to set?

My favorite has been days where I have scenes with Katey, Andy, Tamala, or James. I’ve watched them for years and they are legendary, so to be able to get in there and play around with them feels surreal. I’ve learned so much from sharing a set with them.

In what ways did this story resonate with you? Why did you want to play in the show?

I love everything about the dysfunction of these relationships. It’s so grounded and real. Often what’s portrayed on TV is something most people don’t know a thing about, whereas this story is relatable to just about any type of person who watches it. What I also love is having a blended family, who all still love and support each other no matter the history between them, because that’s life.

What was something the director told you that left a strong impact on you?

“Be Free.” I am constantly repeating these words to myself while I’m working. Sometimes we get caught up in all the notes, words, blocking, and camera angles that we become stiff like puppets. As soon as I remind myself to be free, my character comes back to life.

As an actress, what are things you feel you still need to work on? Have perfected? 

I am forever a student. There is always room for growth. That being said, there isn’t one thing in particular—I’d say I could work on everything.

If you could direct any film/tv series, what would it be about and why?

My future is in directing so this is a great question. I pretty much would love to direct any genre, but know I could do well with an independent drama. Movies such as “Precious,” “Pariah,” & “Mississippi Damned” spark an interest because it’s a moment to meet real people who are struggling with their circumstances and overcoming them.

You get to be part of the crew for a day: what position do you choose and why?

Director or Director of Photography. The two go hand-in-hand and I would love to try both.

What gets your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing?

Good music! I’ve been a dancer my whole life and even now I can’t stop moving if a good song plays. No matter where I am.

Favorite form of love?

My love language is definitely touch. My mother is a very affectionate person and she raised me to be the same. Cuddles, hugs, holding hands—all communicate “love” without needing to say a word.

Who do you hope to keep growing into? What do you hope to accomplish in your life the most? 

My goal is to be a powerhouse! A woman who has business in all facets. Owning and investing. Creating and designing. Inventing and Innovating.



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