Kale Culley

Kaley Culley, who stars in “Walker,” has got us hyped this month!! Truly talented, the young actor loves to completely immerse himself into a script or when he is watching a film/tv series. Ready to discover everything the world has to offer, Culley has grabbed his paintbrushes and is slowly painting the life he wants. 2021 is going to be a wild one and Kale Culley is holding tight as he embarks on this year’s roller coaster!

When you first walked on set of “Walker,” what stood out to you the most? What were you feeling?

When I first walked on the set of Walker I definitely had mixed emotions. I was nervous, excited and a little bit scared just to see how the overall set experience was going to be.

Was there a moment on set that had a strong impact on you as an actor?

I can’t really pinpoint an exact moment just because, every single day on set is different and exciting in its own way. There have been too many moments to count and narrow it down to just one!

Who did you connect with the most and why?

I’d say there are 2 main people that I connected with the fastest. Number one is Jared. Because Jared is such a great guy and is such a fatherly type figure on and off screen. The second is Violet, because everyone else on the show are adults and Violet is the only other young one there. Me being a teen and having someone younger to connect with is cool. Also, Violet and I play brother and sister in the show and I feel like we hit it off, right off the bat, and we have a really great brotherly sisterly bond.

Growing up, how has TV/Film helped you in life? Do you recall a specific story in which it helped you make a decision or with a conflict?

I wouldn’t say anything, in particular, helped me with a decision or a conflict. I would say, like a lot of people, tv and film is a great way to explore different stories and explore different worlds and experience different pictures that these filmmakers have painted. I’d say honestly getting lost in the stories, for me, is really important because the writer and director have such a distinct message. You know it’s a really good movie/show when you just completely get lost in it, so I’d say just discovering all the possibilities of different stories and the pictures that we can paint.

In terms of fashion, how would you describe your style?

My fashion sense is all over the place! I would say I like anything from sophisticated to thrift shop street style outfits. Maybe even a mix of streetwear and sophisticated!

Describe what 2021 will be for you in one sentence.

In the wise words of Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, (you better) “hold onto your butts”!

Talent Kale Culley @kaleculleyofficial
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