Avianna Mynhier

Embracing all her talents, Avianna Mynhier continues to wow her audience on television, through her podcast, and as she continues to support women’s empowerment. Having worked on different projects, each one has brought her a step closer to achieving her goals. Learning a little more every day, this multi-faceted diamond is shining brighter than ever. Using her platform to ignite positive cultural change, Mynhier is setting a path of light, so let’s keep walking!

In what ways has your role in “Panic” impacted you both as an actress and a person? What important lessons did you learn? Favorite part of being part of this project? 

When I meet and work with new artists, I learn through osmosis, so being on a new set is always a luxury. Playing Abby in “Panic” was an opportunity to help contribute to a really thrilling story, filled with strong, resilient characters. What I was reminded of on “Panic,” and what I’m often reminded of on any project, is how many important players there are in bringing a project to life. Everybody’s ability to work together and adapt to unexpected circumstances is what determines the outcome of the project. It was also pretty cool to explore Austin in my downtime! What a city!

As an actress, what do you believe you have mastered? Need to work on? How did your role on “The Walking Dead” play a part in this growth? 

I aspire to be a lifelong learner, so I try to stay curious and observant as much as possible. In terms of what I can work on, the list is long! However, right now, I’m focusing on trusting myself more. On the set of “The Walking Dead,” I got to be around such veterans that every moment I was working, I was learning. I got to see iconic actors do their thing, understand how writers keep a story thriving across a decade, witness incredible stunt and special effects work, and, last but certainly not least, make some incredible friendships.

Explain to us more about your podcast “Uprising” and what it means to you. What inspired it? 

What do you hope your audience gains from it? “Uprising” is a podcast elevating inspiring voices to ignite positive cultural change. I was fed up with the status quo of division, discrimination, and toxicity in 2020. I wanted to create a place for people to connect and learn from each other. I chat with Michelin star chefs, Tony-winning actors, professional athletes, modern architects, tech entrepreneurs—the whole gamut. I ask every guest what they want to create an uprising about and we explore their vision of the world. It’s available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher!

What has been one of your favorite episodes and why? When getting to know these different people, what do you hope to get the most out of them (what do you like to ask the most about them)? 

I feel like a mother being asked to choose her favorite child – it feels impossible! 😉 I like to seek out the most authentic version of my guests. I solicit personal anecdotes and honest recollections—the stuff you can’t find on Google! But I think what makes the show the most special is its diversity of guests. I really try to make sure there is something for everyone.

What do you believe makes a woman truly empowered? What empowers you? Motivates you?

I believe every woman deserves a sense of agency—the freedom to live as she chooses, to make decisions, pursue her dreams and realize her highest potential. I feel empowered by the women that have come before me. The women that trail-blazed toward a brighter future, even when society didn’t support them. I am motivated by progress, unity, and a good challenge.

To everyone reading this, what would you want to say right now?

Keep walking in your power. We need your unique light in the world.

Talent Avianna Mynhier @aviannamynhier
Photography by Adri Photography
Interview by Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites

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