Casey Deidrick

“The Town” featuring Casey Deidrick¬†@caseydeidrick
Photography Jenn Jevons @jennjevons

Casey Deidrick takes a break in between shooting Season 2 of In the Dark to explore the quaint town where key scenes of IT and IT Chapter two were filmed.

Featured in BELLO November 2019 issue #193.

Here at BELLO we are thrilled to have Casey Deidrick back. Currently starring on the CW’s hit new series IN THE DARK, the talented actor is growing at a fast pace. Some of his other works include NOW APOCALYPSE, TEEN WOLF, DRIVEN, and more. When he is not on the big screen, Deidrick enjoys a variety of activities from hiking with his dog to practicing Muay-Thai and Jit-jitsu. Casey Deidrick has got it all; he is kind, smart, outgoing, and talented. Keep an eye out for this handsome devil!

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