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Rising Latin Artist Yashua Gives Insight To His Inspirations
By Aris Pangan

Yashua is a 19 year old Dominican-American singer who made his debut on the singing competition La Banda. He is on the rise in the music scene, and has just worked on features with Matoma and Dillon Francis. In addition to his highly anticipated features, Yashua has already worked with producers in Los Angeles as well as Latin producers and songwriters such as Justin Quiles, ICON, The Rude Boyz, and Andy Clay. With anticipated success, Yashua gave us insight into his background, family, and what inspires him.

Tell us more about your background and how it has impacted who you are as a singer and dancer.

Having a creative family definitely has helped me because I have in me creative pieces from each member of my family. 

Do you remember the first full dance number you ever performed as a kid?

First dance number I learned as a kid was probably “bye bye bye” by NSYNC. 

What was the best part of dancing with members of your family?

Best part of dancing with my family – it’s the joy we bring to other families that have that same connection or inspire them to do it as well. And that our uncles where our teachers so even just being at home we would put music on, in the living room and start breaking it down. 

You were signed with Magnus Music in collaboration with Pulse Music Group after promoting your dance online. What were some of the challenges you encountered beforehand?

Before signing with Magnus/Pulse I was in the studio constantly creating new music and some of the difficulties I would face at times where a lot of doors were closed for me and a lot of the producers didn’t want to sit down with this shy kid because they didn’t believe but once we sat down and made a song and they saw what I could do, it was nonstop working from there. 

What inspires you to create?

My writing comes from my emotions or the things I know or have experienced so definitely life experiences that I went through, relationships emotional or just business ones have inspired me to write more songs and has given me more stories to talk about. 

How would you say your music has evolved in the last few years?

My music has changed a lot, I can say I have better quality because of the producers I’m working with now and I’ve learned a lot from different songwriters and sessions I’ve had. 

Tell us more about your EP 777.

777 has a powerful message behind it not only that 777 is God’s number but that the songs tell you somewhat of my story and it’s written for a person I knew or know so it comes from a true place and it’s a real life story. 

Other than dancing and singing, what are some of your hobbies?

Other than dancing and singing, I write most of my songs on the piano or the guitar, I luv the warmth of an acoustic guitar and the fairytale sound of a piano. I’m also into fashion and I like designing and creating cool stuff.  

What is one of your most embarrassing stories?

An embarrassing story of mine is that when I was younger I had a missing front tooth and I confidently went up to a girl to ask her out and she laughed at my face and said no hahaha. 

Who do you look up to the most?

God is first in my life and there’s not a better teacher, but I would say Kanye just cause we can see what God can do through us when we follow him.

You can listen to Yashua’s EP 777 on streaming platforms now.


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