“Personality” by Reece Edwards

Reece Edwards @reeceedws is a portrait fashion, documentary student photographer who expresses the personality of the subjects through visceral, gritty portraits with the clients garments. “I capture imagery for my own personal project, documenting my own personal life through other subjects, directing them in a way that mixes in with my own persona and current situations.”

Creative Director Chloe Poynton @chloe.poynton97

Makeup & Hair Daisy Jane @daisyjanedesigns_ Deanna @deanna.co.uk.
Models Tyana Pyne @somegirlwithaweirdname Rhiannon Mankellow @rhiannon.sarah Mathew Shotibi @og.palms Lily Lukyanova BMA Models @liliyalukyanova Megan Rapley @megan_rapley Lauren Bown @laurenalycexx Samuel Udonsak @sammie_iconic Tate Birch @tatebirch Sophie-may Lambert @sophiemaysml Hayley Crawford @its.miss.hc

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