Music-Addict Eric Dash on His New Single Heroin, his EP and losing his mind

Recently having released his newest single “Heroin”, Bello Mag had the opportunity to shoot and meet singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist Eric Dash.  Dash is no stranger to the entertainment industry working with various professionals and performing live at various venues and events including the Light Up Lantana 2018 Holiday Party to benefit Grammys/Musicares

His song “One More Love Song” reached the Neilson Top 40 Radio Chart in working with producer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer/The Black Crowes) and know he has much more to give. Bello can’t wait to see what he is in store as he has many dreams to accomplish and will definitely be there in his upcoming Los Angeles performances!
Tell me a bit about your music career? Where did you first start? At what age did you first take an interest in music? Did you always know you wanted to do something in the music industry?
I first started writing when I was 8. I would write funny versions of songs like Weird Al. But I seriously started writing music when I was 12 – making songs on my 56k modemed computer, using a computer mic from Staples and a cracked version of Cakewalk.

I’d play out open mics in South Jersey, venues in Philadelphia on South Street, and dinky little spots in NYC. That’s how I started.

I knew I wanted to do music when I started to really write seriously. It wasn’t something I thought about though. It wasn’t like “this is what I want to do with my life.” It was just something I did and that was that.

What inspires your music?
A lot of it has been girls in the past, but recently I’m fueled by other emotions. I’ve been writing not just love stories, but more interesting stories. Interactions in my daily life that make me question previous thought processes. Things that enrage me or things that make my blood boil in any way.

Tell us about your upcoming EPK. Is this different from your previous music?
Extremely different. The whole point of the Unspecified EP is to do something different from song to song. It came about because I was in so many sessions with people fishing for hits. Music to me is not about making hits. If it’s a hit, great. But it’s about writing good songs. And we shouldn’t neglect genres because you’re told to do so. “You’re a pop guy that does the guitar thing.” I am whatever I say I am. And I’m anything that comes out of me that day.

In the many genres of music that exist today, how can you best describe your music.
Alternative Pop/Rock. Sometimes it leans more pop and sometimes it leans more rock. Sometimes it’s a little more rap influenced, but it still stays in that category.

What do you think distinguishes you and your music from other artists?
My songwriting, my vocal, and my production. I don’t try to be like anyone but myself, unapologetically. I used to try, but that’s just barking up the wrong tree. Enough people play that game. 

What is something you want fans to know about you?
I love them just as much as they love me. Without them I can’t continue. And honestly, I’m just super grateful for all of their support. I’ll try to give them more songs that they love.

What does your typical workday look like these days? Are you in the studio every day?
Days kind of fly by in a weird whim. The method to the madness is purely where I think I’ll be most productive when I wake up. I’m in studio a lot, editing and recording. But recently I’m on calls trying to push the record, doing mock ups for my own artwork, fixing all my social sites and posting.

Is there a goal that you have for your career that you haven’t reached yet?
Absolutely. There are so many goals I haven’t reached. But I will.

If you could pick any artist to work with, who would it be?
The 1975.

What is next for Eric Dash?
Unspecified Vol. 1 comes out May 17th. DTTFG goes to radio. Playing shows, producing more records, and releasing another EP end of summer beginning of Fall. I have tons of music coming. Some songs are pretty and some songs will make people wonder if I’ve lost my mind. And I’m answering that question now, I absolutely have.
Eric Dash @ericdash
Photography Aria Emory @ariaemoryphotography
Styling Tanya Nazarian @tanyanazarian
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