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Bonjour my lovely and most fashionable readers! This issue we have quite the treat for you as we are happy to feature one of Emily in Paris’ leading romantic men that make us want to book a one-way trip to the city of love! If you aren’t caught up with the Netflix international hit, we ask you to make sure to binge and keep an eye out for Benoit played by the handsome actor Kevin Dias. Not only are we fans of the show, but we’re also ecstatic that Benoit played a love interest to the musically included Mindy played Ashley Park. Move over, Emily! In an alternative universe, this is Mindy in Paris and Benoit is the man we’ve been wanting to know more of since season 1. Enjoy our chat below with Kevin Dias!

Emily in Paris” is an idolized romantic depiction of Parisian life. What are some concepts of the show that you think are exaggerated? What do you think the show gets correct about Paris? 

We have more rain in Paris! And not everyone dresses as well as in the show haha. But we definitely have the best pastries in the world, that’s for sure. 

For any travelers going to Paris because of the show, is there any secret place of interest you would suggest they visit? (Besides the Eiffel Tower or what is super popular) 

Honestly, I think the best thing to do is to get lost in the city and discover your own favorite spots. There are so many good places, it’s the journey to get there that is interesting. It’s part of the charm of Paris, letting yourself flow in this beautiful city. 

What’s it like working with your “Emily in Paris” castmates?

It’s like working with family now! Everyone is so genuine I feel very comfortable in this environment. We love hanging out together and the fact that we all share the same passion for the craft of acting is really cool and inspiring. Can’t wait to see them again. 

If you could play any other character in “Emily in Paris”, who would it be?

Probably Luc because I think he’s hilarious but Bruno Gouery is the perfect man for the job already so I’ll keep Benoit haha. 

We expect Benoît to return in the next season, is there anything you can tease about what will happen with him?

I guess we can always expect him to keep his floral shirts open but I’m afraid that’s all I can say for now! 

Growing up, what was your favorite French show?

I loved French movies, but I remember growing up as a kid with more American tv shows like “Malcom in the Middle”, “Even Stevens”, “My Wife and Kids” and then “One Tree Hill” for example. 

What do you do in your free time when you’re not acting?

Go to the movies, read, play music, answer my mom’s phone calls a hundred times a day. But mostly I spend time with my son! 

Do you have a favorite quote or motto you live by?

I like to think that “everything happens for a reason” so whenever I’m feeling down about something, whether it’s personal or professional, I’m convinced that it’s because the universe has bigger plans. I tell myself it was meant to be that way and things will turn out even better in the near future so just “trust the process”.

Bello is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. If you could choose, what would be your perfect day and how would you describe your fashion style?

The perfect day for me would be at the beach in Portugal with my grandparents and my son. Life’s simple pleasures. 

I can’t really describe my style because it’s a little bit different everyday. Fashion is a whole language for me so it depends on what I want to say ! I love wearing old vintage clothes but also iconic fashion brands. It’s all about mixing things together and feeling confident. 

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