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Currently, you may know him from “Yellowstone”, “Man Men” and a few years back you may know him from “Teen Wolf” as Daddy Peter Hale, outshining some of his other younger costars like Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien, but actor Ian Bohen is sure to continue entertaining us on both the big and small screen for years to come. We were happy to speak to the talented man who has lived a full life in front of the camera and in his personal life, exploring the world, spending time appreciating nature and what life has to offer. For what makes him appreciate his everyday life, check out our Q&A below! Soon, you will catch in him an upcoming film titled “Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo” (not to be confused with the HBO documentary) and if we’re being honest, Ian Bohen can call us anytime.


From playing Young Hercules, to Roy Hazelitt in “Mad Men”, Peter Hale in “Teen Wolf” and all the other characters, is there a character you would consider to be your favorite? The reason for it? 

My favorite role over the years would have to be Peter Hale from Teen Wolf.  The villain who ends up redeemable and maybe even somewhat sympathetic is very interesting to try and pull off so that’s been a rewarding challenge to try and overcome.

Tell us about the most memorable experience you’ve had shooting with the cast of “Yellowstone” and the cast of ‘Teen Wolf: the Movie”.

Yellowstone bunkhouse scenes with so many of the cast in a small space doing everything from loving to fighting to playing music, are the ones that stick in my mind.  All the personalities of the characters and their interactions in that location really stand out.  We have the most amazing times there.

The finale of Teen Wolf: The Movie, was shot at night with the whole cast back together again.  We shot the first two seasons of that show there in Atlanta, and for all of us to return to the origin and be there in the cold of night fighting the bad guys and reliving what we’d done years before was a wonderful feeling.  Seeing everyone’s faces there was nostalgic.  We all have a very special relationship that’s just gotten tighter over the last 12 years.

It was great to learn you are quite familiar with ranch life, riding horses and spending time on your grandfather’s ranch. Are there any life lessons that our city-dwelling readers could take from those summers you spent on his ranch?

I think people in the cities need to take time to slow down and spend more of their lives on and with the land.  It’s a living breathing part of our world and it’s often taken for granted.  Our food, air, and water all come from this planet where we’re just guests for a little while.  Ranching, farming, or even just hiking or even resting in the quiet under the sun can give you a real perspective on what’s important in life.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not acting?

I love to travel and meet people in foreign countries.  I try their food and make an attempt at learning a bit of their language so I can communicate and show them that I respect their culture.  That’s my favorite way to spend time.  Clearly, I love the outdoors so I’m always backpacking or playing in the woods somewhere.  Also, being in the ocean is one of my favorite things to do.  You’ll also find me on a motorcycle quite a bit of the time with friends trekking across the country.  Golf and tennis are also some of my favorite activities.  And lastly, I love to cook.  I spend the majority of my time at home in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto you live by?

No matter what happens in life I like to say that the show must go on.  it’s true in my business and all of life no matter what sector you’re in.

Bello is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. If you could choose, what would be your perfect day and how would you describe your fashion style?

My perfect day would start with a workout.  I like to get my heart pumping strong early in the morning because I think it carries you through the whole day.  Getting some creative work done early is also really important.  It could be work or even some writing.  Could be listening to new music lyrics and hearing someone else’s art and trying to feel what they’re saying.  Of course, working on your own thing is ideal but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  The victory is in the effort, not the result.  Lunch with friends outside somewhere with lots of laughs would be next.  I like a couple of games of chess in the park with friends now and then so let’s put that in there.  I’m a huge fan of food and wine so as we’re getting ready for dinner, I like to put on a custom-made suit.  I don’t think a man can look better in anything than a suit of clothes.  Max Girombelli in New York makes them as good as you can get.  So now that we’re looking and feeling good it’s time for a martini before dinner and then sitting down for a romantic meal.  Perhaps a show afterward.  I love concerts, ballet, plays, you name it.  Any type of community gathering to watch good performances makes me happy.  After that, a late night dip in the pool, and then falling asleep on the couch watching a movie.  That sounds like a pretty perfect day.  The other alternate is waking up before dawn and then spending 16 hours on set with your colleagues making something you care about and then driving home and falling straight into bed only to get up and do it again the next day.  Both options rewarding in their own ways.  😉

Tell us two truths and a lie. Hopefully our readers will be able to point out the lie.

I’ve never been to Hawaii

I’ve had 2 holes in one’s playing golf

I met Barack Obama once

Can you tell us what exciting things are happening in 2023?

Excited about a film coming this fall titled, “Call Me Now.”  It’s a biopic about Miss Cleo from the early 2000s who was a psychic on TV and she has the most interesting story. Also, we’re very excited about the next season of Yellowstone shooting this summer.

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