Josie Totah: Taking On The World (Heels Included)

Saved By The Bell has received an exhilarating reboot filled with characters old and new, and raving reviews on top of that. One of the exciting new characters includes Lexi played by Josie Totah – a sassy but classy high schooler that rivals the Kardashians in both attitude and outfits. Totah discussed tackling this amazing project where she had a role as both actress and producer and making sure to remind everyone that no matter what she’s doing she will always have killer heels. 

Discuss the most exciting and most challenging part about working on Saved By the Bell

Most exciting: Working with my best friend and wearing five inch heels while screaming at people.

Most challenging: In covid we had to take on so many new protocols, our jobs changed a lot.

How do you relate to Lexi’s character? How are you different from her?

We both think we are the one everyone cares about but people actually care about her.

This reboot tackles more serious issues including bringing low-income students into a high school filled with privileged students. What about this portrayal is important to you and what was it like working to bring it to life? 

It feels incredible to be on a show that discusses topical conversations that the world is having right now and should have been having for a long time. Whether it’s classism, racism, gender identity, our show does not hold back with addressing these issues in an interesting and nuanced way.

What does representation in entertainment mean to you? 

It means everything to be on a show that values representation in front of and behind the camera. I commend our show for the work they did to be inclusive and I hope we continue to do so should we be picked up for more seasons.

Who would you love to work with in the future?


What is your dream role? 

I think it’s what everyone’s dream role is, a nuanced character that gets to portray a story that hasn’t been heard before.

When you aren’t working, what would someone find you doing?

Dreaming about getting another job. Oh, also eating.

Do you have a go-to show or movie that you’ve binged over quarantine? 

Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You is a masterpiece. I also loved Elite and Money Heist!

If you weren’t acting, what career do you think you would have? 

A lawyer. With nice heels.

Where do you picture yourself five years from now?

Happier, wiser, and prouder.



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