Jordyn Jones

FANCY A BIT OF JORDYN JONES? We unearth the driving force behind this enterprising starlet.

With her pearly white smile and wavy blonde tresses, Jordyn Jones is the epitome of adorable. However, do not underestimate the budding talent shimmering beneath that cute exterior! From her iconic cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” to her viral cover of “Banji,” Jordyn’s career has propelled to dizzy heights. BELLO mag had the opportunity to speak with this dynamo on her self-professed obsession with “Scream Queens,” her ever-so documented Instagram page and what exciting ventures she is embarking on leading up to the holiday season.

BELLO Mag: What was your experience like on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

JJ: My experience on the first season of “AUDC” was really exciting. I loved meeting Abby and all of the other contestants, I’m still friends with some of them. I loved doing all of the ‘challenges’ and getting the opportunity to work with so many different choreographers.

BM: Would you ever compete in a talent show again?

JJ: I actually don’t think I would ever do a reality show competition again. It made sense for me at that time in my life but I have a career now that I need to focus on.

BM: Your cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” was such a huge success! Aside from Iggy, who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

JJ: I would love to collaborate with Fifth Harmony, Becky G, Taylor Swift or my new obsession Alessia Cara!

BM: You’re very active on social media with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. What is your favorite platform to connect with your fans?

JJ: My favorite platform is Instagram, which is also where I hold “Talk with Jordyn Tuesday” where I try to answer questions for my fans. Twitter is also fun because I can say whatever is on my mind and get instant feedback from my followers.

BM: What has been your most career-defining moment to date?

JJ: Probably when I did a cover to Sharaya J’s “Banji.” The music video went viral and my career snowballed from there.

BM: You’ve mentioned you’re a big fan of “Scream Queens.” Would you ever want to make a cameo appearance on the show?

JJ: Absolutely!

BM: Describe to me what role you would want to play on the show?

JJ: I would love to be in a flashback scene where I would play a younger Chanel No. 1.

BM: Can you tell your fans about any upcoming projects you are working on?

I recently shot a role in the new AwesomenessTV feature film called “Dance Camp” where they also used my original song “I’m Dappin.” I also filmed another movie this summer called “InstaFamous.” I am constantly in the studio recording new music and also planning some more videos, particularly a song with Josh Levi, which I am going to release right before Christmas. We just shot a pilot for a dance tutorial series for AwesomenessTV and there is another music series in the works. My photoshoot with Madison James that I did with Hayes Grier will also be released soon!

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