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Embrace Your True Self with Garcelle Beauvais

What a pleasure it  was getting to know the gorgeous Garcelle Beauvais who can currently be seen on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Familiar with the world of television, Garcelle also showcases her talent with a podcast and now jewelry collaboration! On “Going To Bed with Garcelle,” she invites different celebrities and day to day friends to discuss the real juicy things including love, sex, life, and relationships! A safe place to be honest and to kick back, we could all use a little more of these in our lives! Currently, she collaborated with Roni Blanshay Jewelry which is absolutely gorgeous! All in all, Garcelle Beauvais has it all and we absolutely love what she does, who she is, and are looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Share with us a pivotal moment in your life that affected your career. What was the outcome? How were you feeling?

A pivotal moment in my career was when I had just finished shooting our 100th episode of The Jamie Foxx show. I had planned a vacation with my family and friends to celebrate!

As most actors know if you book a trip you always end up getting an audition or a job so of course I got an audition for NYPD Blue and my first thought was I’ll never get it, it’s such a critically acclaimed show.

But I decided to push my trip by one day and went in to audition and not only did I get the part I ended up doing four seasons of the show!

On set of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” what are some things you learned about yourself? 

That I am a loyal friend! If we’re friends I will have your back.

Do you have a particular memory on that show that stands out? Explain.

My loyalty to Denise Richards my first season of RHOBH.

What was your experience like on “The Real”? How did it differ from other projects?

The Real is my dream job. Being a talk show host has always been on my bucket list.

Tell us more about what you believe you bring to every project you work on.

I always bring my authentic self and my professionalism.

Can you explain in your own words what “Going To Bed with Garcelle”?

GTBWG Is my podcast. I always have a celebrity and a real friend on. We talk about life, love, relationships and sex.

It’s a safe place to let your hair down have a cocktail and laugh.

We’ve had guests like Tiffany Haddish, Chelsea Handler, the Bella Twins, Jamie Foxx and the list goes on.

Is there an episode that stands out from others? Why? 

One of my favorite episodes would have to be with Andy Cohan. He was very open to sharing his life. It was really a funny episode.

What prompted you to start this podcast? 

We sold the show idea to MGM and when Covid and quarantine happened we decided to do it as a podcast.

Congratulations on your collaboration with Roni Blanshay Jewelry! What inspired this? 

I’ve always had a love for jewelry and growing up my mother always wore the most beautiful jewelry so it was an organic collaboration.

What is one of your favorite pieces? 

I normally don’t like pearls but one of my favorite pieces is the lacuna pearl necklace with the handcuffed clasps.

What role does jewelry play in your life?

Jewelry is a great accessory to set the tone for how you want to look, whether you want to be classic or BoHo or trendy.

How does it make you feel?

Jewelry makes you feel special.

How do you hope others will feel? 

I’d love to see women accessorize with my line and make it their own.

Tell us more about what comes next! 

Lots of new projects coming up stay tuned!


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