Dexter Darden

Dexter Darden: Embracing Life Everyday

Dexter Darden walked onto set of our Bello shoot and completely wowed us all. Knowing who he is, where he’s going, and flashing his bright smile, the young actor is on the path to success. Playing in the highly anticipated Peacock/NBC series reboot of “Saved By The Bell,” fans are eager to catch Darden on his next role. Embracing life despite everything going, Darden brings hard work, passion, and dedication to the table. Here at BELLO, we had the chance to get to know Dexter Darden as the actor and just your regular guy….Enjoy!

By Alexandra Bonnet

You play in the highly anticipated Peacock/NBC series reboot of “Saved By The Bell.” Who is someone on set you truly connected with?

Yes! Being on SBTB is really a dream come true in the purest sense! I grew up watching the show, so being able to be on it as a lead series regular is surreal!! I’ve connected with all the new 6. Josie, Alycia, Belmont, Mitchel, and Haskiri. We understand that there is a certain pressure to live up to the legacy they left before us, so we try our best to uphold that standard! Having Mario and Elizabeth on set with us every day definitely helps!

When you got the call that you booked the show, where were you? How did you respond?

I had just landed back in the U.S from Egypt! I actually landed straight from Egypt, left from the airport to the audition room for my screen test! I was SUPER Jet lagged the next day when I got the call that I booked the show! I thought I was dreaming! I hung up and called my Manager and agents back like “That was real right?” Lol!

You will also be playing on Hulu’s Feature Comedy THE BINGE. What was your best memory from shooting that? 

Yes! Honestly, my favorite memory was just connecting with Eduardo and Skyler! Our set was definitely a high energy environment, so knowing I can rely on my brothers at any moment helped make the movie what it is today!

Having worked with talented and experienced actors, what are some important lessons you learned as an actor?

I learned a lot from everyone! How important it was to be on time from Dolly Parton, How to ask for Forgiveness and not Permission when making a bold choice in a scene from Usher, How to take my time and change dialogue if it doesn’t fit the character from Forrest Whitaker, how to lead a set and be number 1 on the call sheet from Queen Latifah and Dylan O’brien, how to commit to a character’s backstory from Jeffrey Wright! I’ve truly been blessed from working with such talented Veterans but also very good people!

What are some ways you like to let loose and relax?

Music, Dance, Sports, and Cooking! A combination of those 4 things, or just focusing my energy on one at a time! Still a form of the arts, but very different, so it’s a nice escape!

Share with us what your experience has been like shooting during COVID-19. What are some obstacles you have faced and how have you overcome them?

You know what, Peacock and our producers over at Saved By The Bell are doing a fantastic job of ensuring our safety and comfortability! We have to get tested every day and not being able to hug people and show love in the way I’m used to, is a challenge but all in all its been a really positive experience!

Who has been a huge inspiration in your life?

My Mother! No doubt. She’s worked extremely hard, to get me out of the hood, taking care of a child who was terminally ill, provide a solid education and every opportunity to be the best me I can be, and I owe everything to her and God!

What is it like working on a movie? Now, working on a TV Series? Do you have a preference? 

I’ll say movies are like summer camp, and television series are like the best days at school! Both I enjoyed but they serve different purposes! TV I know/hope once we wrap the season we will have the opportunity to come back whereas movies are like summer camp, because you’re usually on location, and live in the same complex with your castmates, so when you wrap from set you all are usually hanging out because there’s no one else there you really know! I enjoy them both for different reasons!

Tell us more about your relationship with music. When did you discover your passion for it?

Music is EVERYTHING! Lol. I mean it is my peace of mind, my motivation, my getaway! It can provide so many different answers to questions you never knew existed! I write stuff, and more recently I have been diving into understanding genres I didn’t grow up appreciating! Like Heavy Rock, and Jazz Funk, so I’ve really been exploring more and more, especially throughout Quarantine!

In what ways do you believe music can heal someone? 

I think not only through the lyrics that can resonate and impact a person, and their current mental situation, but also the sounds that sonically impact someone in a way they didn’t know existed! Music taps into so many different emotional destinations that one didn’t know they needed triggered. Music can help reveal certain truths that needed to be exposed! I think any time Darkness comes to Light that’s healing!

What can fans expect next?

Hopefully some music!! I’ve been doing a lot of covers on line, and now I think it’s time to start releasing some originals!! I also hope to start producing my own films and diving more into the behind the scenes realm of film making!


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