Brittany Batchelder: Inspiring Those around Her

The spotlight is shining bright and all eyes are on you as you make your way down the catwalk. For Brittany Batchelder, this was the exact moment she knew she wanted to be part of the entertainment industry. At the time she was still a kid which makes her story all the more intriguing and beautiful as she has carried this passion of hers for a long time. As she explained, “I used to get so nervous before hitting the stage but once I got out there it was like I came alive. I felt my most comfortable on stage and that adrenaline rush was so fulfilling.” 

Taking her love of being on stage to the big screen, we are eager to see her star in the current season of TNT’s THE ALIENIST: ANGEL OF DARKNESS in which she plays “Joanna Crawford.” A crime mystery set in New York City in 1896,the series portrays the story about doctors who would study the mindset of serial killers and they were called “the Alienists.” Batchelder spoke on the show and her role in it which is an important one. She plays an aspiring writer who has just graduated from college and returned to New York City. “This season you can expect her to still be persistent in pursuing her dreams of being a writer. Her strong views get her in a little trouble this season but she’s not afraid of a little danger and getting her hands dirty,” the talented actress explained.

On her path to success, Batchelder also hopes to own her own production company one day. For a few years, she attended film school where she found her love for being in front of the camera…and behind. As she expressed eagerly, “I have always dreamed of producing, starring and directing my own projects.” Her drive and talent have put her on the map and acting in film and television is not the only thing on her resume.

In 2016, she created a creative collective, M.P.A.C.T Ent and Events. “I wanted to create a positive space to help advance and support my fellow artists in the community,” Batchelder explained. After all, M.P.A.C.T is an acronym for More Positive Artists Coming Together in which her and her business partner “have curated an array of events with our women’s short film showcase being the most celebrated event.” Their ultimate goal is to create a women’s film festival all the while expanding the number of film submissions and highlighting “more genres on a larger platform.”

Continuously growing, even quarantine couldn’t stop her from broadening her perspective on life and trying new things. During this time of reflection, she became “a gardener and has a new love for plants and growing (her) own herbs and spices.” No matter what is thrown her way, Batchelder finds the positive in it all. During her free time, she loves “traveling, binging new content and spending time with family.” Keeping a well-balanced and wholesome lifestyle, there is a lot we can learn from Batchelder!

With everything going on, it pushes us to reflect on the beautiful things around us and when asked what beauty means to her, the beautiful spirit shared “beauty means to me, love that shines from within. Beauty starts on the inside first and when you have a good heart, mind, and spirit there is a light that shines.” And that is exactly what she represents. Integrating this positive attitude in her own life, Batchelder opened up about her admiration for Regina King who has been a huge inspiration and blessing in her life. She shared happily, “she has been in the business for so long and maintained her integrity and grace. I hope to have a similar career path as her. Following in her footsteps as an actress and a director.” Currently auditioning and working on developing some of her passion projects, there is no stopping Brittany Batchelder! Truly a role model for her audience, she continuously pushes her boundaries and isn’ afraid to pursue what she loves.


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