Ivetta Makarova embodies the moment where beauty and brains meet. Originally from Moscow, she now lives in between Russia and Barcelona as she makes her way into the fashion and entertainment industry. Philanthropist, Instagram influencer and founder of the LI LAB brand , she is bringing to the table a positive influence. With her platform, she aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, body positivity, sports and more. Inspiring those around her, Makarova has worked hard to get to where she is today.

In Russia, she was rated as one of “The Most Beautiful Women of Russia” but don’t let her good looks fool you! She received an education both in Europe and America where she graduated from the European Business School in the profile of the World Economy, which is part of the international system of European business schools – EBSI (European Business Schools International). She also graduated in Moscow with a masters degree in Jurisprudence, took a course at the Manhattan Institute of Management (New York) and also Moscow Film School in the course of famous actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

Ivetta has opened her perspective on the world on many different levels. From a young age, she has always been interested in broadening her horizons and discovering new things: synchronized swimming, tennis and figure skating. Her desire of staying active and indulging in the arts has remained instilled in her and now she finds herself playing hockey, windsurfing and skiing. Paired with her love for activities, the talented beauty also partakes in rally every year. It’s safe to say she is a true jack of all trades.

Founder of LI LAB Brand, a clothing online store, Ivetta is truly passionate about what she does and how she can bring more good into this world.
At the moment, Ivetta is developing and launching a platform in fashion indusria. This is a large project that she will present for us soon.

Our world is shifting and it’s important now more than ever that we all come together. Voices need to be heard, change needs to be made and those with a strong social platform are a key asset into getting positive change going. Whether on a small or large scale, we can all play a part in this change and Ivetta  has proven to be part of it. She is a worldly woman who has risen to the top and continues to do so every day. Promoting positivity in what she does, it gives us hope that change and progress are on the way.

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Photographer Amer Mohamad @shootmeamer
Lighting Anna kaganovich @anna_artlight
Model Ivetta makarova @ivettamakarova
Styling Kotkova Mariya @businesskisa
Styling Assistants Marina Platonycheva @mirrortwin Daria Baltrushevich @dariabal_
Make up Iva @ivamake
Hair Petya Bbogdanov @fashionpierrebog

Illustrations by Antonia @af.illustrations

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