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Since a young age, the beautiful Charlotte McKinney has been blossoming into a beautiful icon. From model to actress, she began her career by being lead model for GUESS and will be appearing in the upcoming reboot of “Macgyver.” Labeled most beautiful woman alongside other titles such as “Model of the Year” and “Sexiest Woman,” Charlotte never ceases to amaze us.

You started a full-time career as a model when you were 17 when you became the lead model for Guess. On that very day, can you tell us about your feelings and where you saw yourself heading in your professional career? 

Booking such a prestigious job at a young age set the bar high in terms of my career. I remember telling myself to take this as serious as possible, and that the hard work is yet to come.

How did you envision your future while you were growing up? Is it any different or similar to your life today? Who has been your biggest support in your life?

As a child, my parents would always bring me to California for vacation and I’ve loved Malibu since I was young. It’s like Florida (where I grew up) but 10x better! I’m living my dream by being in Malibu and I get to live a fun and healthy lifestyle. It’s the perfect place for me! As for my biggest support in my life, without a doubt, it’s my parents. They are always there for me professionally and personally.  I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without their support, guidance and love.

As an actress and model you’ve lived your life in front of the camera. Describe an ideal day when you are not working on a show or shooting a campaign. What is something most people may not know about you?

An ideal day is definitely getting in a good workout – health and fitness is a very important part of my daily routine, followed by a healthy lunch and a full body massage. Then I spend the afternoon by the beach with friends and finish with a sushi dinner. When people get to know me, they are frequently surprised by my sense of humor and easy going attitude. I’m a real goof and I really don’t take life too seriously.

Did you expect to rise so quickly in the entertainment industry? How different did your life change overnight? 

I never think of my career as an overnight success since I’ve been working hard at a young age. I try my best to stay humble and to never forgot to continue to work hard every day. I don’t feel like I’ve reached my peak yet, hopefully the best is yet to come.

As a model, I am sure you have been asked to dress in different styles. Can you tell us YOUR go to style?

For me, it’s all about understanding my body shape. I love to find the perfect combination between comfort and sexy. I’m not into being overdressed, I prefer an effortless and chic look. I’ve been working with a new stylist this year – Siena. She has really helped to build my overall style and vision. She really understands me so I’m super lucky to have her in my life. She is probably who I text with the most. We literally are texting back and forth about outfit ideas and opinions. It’s a really good relationship.

I am sure over the recent years you have met interesting people, can you tell us about some of your role models?

I’ve been very fortunate with who I’ve crossed paths with in the industry. The people I tend to idolize the most are those who have long successful careers. A lot of people don’t understand the ups and downs, and the hard work it takes to maintain longevity. I praise anyone who can do this, not just in my industry but universally.

You have been labeled as “International Model Of The Year”
, “Sexiest Women” and “one of the most beautiful women in the world: describe what you think is beautiful. 

To me, beauty is being confident! It doesn’t come easy to a lot of us, I struggle and work on it every day. We are our own worst critics, so I’m trying to practice what I preach, and I’m still learning and finding what makes me my most confident self-whilst understanding my life is a work in progress.

In today’s world of making sure to give back to the community, how do you see yourself using your celebrity to help others?

I’ve been involved with Best Buddies since high school. It’s really rewarding working with their team and the Best Buddies. We have been collaborating on a lot of fun events, and it’s nice to use my platform for a greater good. I also have a really soft spot for kids and spend some of my time working with the LA Children’s Hospital too.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned throughout your career and in life? Do you have a motto that gets you through the ups and downs?

Always be the easiest to work with. There are plenty of people just waiting for the opportunity to jump into your shoes. And secondly, be kind to everyone. From the assistant to producer, everyone! Those are the two lessons I take with me everyday when I go to work; be easy and pleasant to be around and treat everyone equal. And don’t forget to put in the hard work!


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