Who is She starring Jackie Dallas

“The story of a woman who finds pleasure in constant evolution. If you cannot anticipate her next move then she has succeeded. She finds it thrilling to balance innocence and power while also showing you her sensual side as she is multidimensional. She takes everything in all at once with a calm and stoic demeanor. When she chooses to she selectively shows you what wealth of knowledge she beholds. She is like a chameleon transforming whenever she needs to. Who is she? We will never truly know. Only the actress Jackie Dallas can bear that truth.”

Starring Jackie Dallas @jaxdallas

Photography Walter Tabayoyong @waltertab
Styling Veta Horwitz @vetastyledme
Hair Christina Lindsey @christinastylez
Makeup Kristine Lisman @makeup_by_kristine_
Location Sage Studios LA @sage.studios.la

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