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“World domination for admiration, with admiration comes inspiration, with inspiration comes a whole new nation.” is the motto 18 year old, singer/actor Trevor Jackson talks about while pursuing his goals and chasing his dreams.  In the realm of acting, you may have seen this Indianapolis native in a handful of television series such as EUREKA, AUSTIN & ALLY and CRIMINAL MINDS.  For a majority of his young life, Jackson has been a performer and has always been on his grind.  In addition to acting, his ultimate passion is gradually making its way into the forefront of his life and starting to take fruition and that is music.  With a major record deal with Atlantic Records in place along with the previous release of his EP #NewThang and a full album coming out at the end of the year, Jackson is ready to conquer the world and unleash what he’s truly capable of.

Trevor Jackson’s career began when he started performing and dancing across the country and competing in several competitions.  “I was three years old when I started tap dancing.  I did a local Christmas show for about three months in Indiana.  While doing that show, someone mentioned to my mom that I should try to be in THE LION KING show that’s on Broadway.  I had just seen it the year before when I was six years old.  My mom claims to say that during the whole show, I was like, “Mom, I can do that! I’m going to do that.”  As it turned out that the same kid I saw on Broadway, I auditioned for his part and ended up taking his spot in the show and did it for three years until the show ended.”  When the show ended for Jackson, his family picked up and moved to Los Angeles for him to pursue his entertainment career.  “I moved to L.A. in 2008 and landed some television gigs.  I got to play a doctor on HARRY’S LAW and play a psycho on CRIMINAL MINDS and it was fun to play that character and be able to go to that place and tap into that part of the brain.  While acting, I started pursuing music labels as well because music is a huge part of my life and that aspect was missing.  There were a lot of labels interested, but Atlantic Records seemed to be the best fit for me.  I’m about to put out my debut album this year and I’m so excited that all the hard work I’ve put in is really paying off.”

In the meantime, before the release of his new album, Jackson offers up to his fans preview teasers of two tracks from the new album, “Me Likey” and “Good Girl, Bad Girl” that can be bought on iTunes.  “Basically, the album, it’s Mrs. Jackson, and that “meaning” whoever picks it up.  She ranges from any age.  It’s showing how you should be treated and showing all the trials and tribulations that come with a relationship.  Every song is about anyone that has at least felt once in their life they were in love and knowing that, regardless, you’re still going to be together.  You’re still going to be Mrs. Jackson to me.”  When we asked him who he’s worked with on this project, he remains tight-lipped about the collaborations as he isn’t really allowed to say at the moment, but he did offer up both T-Pain and Diggy.  “Diggy is featured on “My Girl” and we are currently on the Who Else But Us!promotional tour.”

When speaking of goals and values, Jackson puts out some sage advice in the universe about what it is like to be a role model.  “I feel like this time we get is a gift.  We need to take it seriously and change things because a lot of people don’t get the privilege to do that.”  He goes even further to elaborate, “When you inspire someone, they strive to be like you and they want to aspire to be like you.  If I make good decisions, promote the right thing, and try to be the best person I can be for this world and find my purpose, then it will inspire so many others to find their purpose.”

In discussing his everyday life on anything that gets his “mind off the now”, you’ll find Trevor partaking in hobbies such as skateboarding, golf, basketball and PlayStation.  “Occasionally, I like to work out.  (Stresses.) I need to workout more, it’s getting bad.  I love to EAT, power EAT!  I would eat P.F. Chang’s all day if I could.”

When asked about future upcoming projects, Jackson is still auditioning for different things and if the time is right and the role is right, then he’ll definitely go back into the acting realm, but for now he’s mainly focused on the album and trying to get as many people to hear it as he can.  The versatile entertainer talks somberly, “At the end of the day, as long as you are being true to yourself, the transition can always be easy.  Things are only as hard as you make them, especially if you love doing it, then nothing should ever be able to stop you from working hard and being the best at it you can be.  People respect hard work.”


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