The Sons Of Poseidon

The Sons Of Poseidon! A fashion tale with visuals created by Stéphane Marquet

This story stems from my first visit to Capri, which happened on a beautiful summer day at the end of August. Me and my husband strolled down a charming, narrow pedestrian street leading to Marina Piccola. The street was lined with colorful flowers and fruit trees. As we reached our destination, the cliffs loomed large, almost like majestic peaks rising out of the deep blue sea. The sunlight had a magical quality, making the water appear as if it were made of pure, shimmering gold, evoking a sense of eternal youth. It was as though we had stepped into a living myth, where the island of Capri had been crafted by Poseidon as a precious offering to mankind.

In Capri’s embrace, where azure waters kiss the shore, The sons of Poseidon rise, their spirits to explore. With tridents in their hands, they ride the ocean’s crest, Masters of the deep, on waves they are the best.

Their eyes like sapphires gleam, reflecting the sea’s hue, As guardians of the deep, their hearts forever true. From Neptune’s ancient lineage, their strength they do derive, In Capri’s hidden coves, their secret worlds come alive.

With salt-kissed skin and sun-kissed hair, they roam the rocky coast, In Poseidon’s name, they sail, a fearless, daring host. In sea caves and grottoes, they find their hidden lore, The sons of Poseidon, Capri’s legends forevermore.

With laughter in their hearts and tales of ocean’s might, They dance with dolphins in the day and revel in the night. In Capri’s timeless beauty, their spirits find their home, The sons of Poseidon, forever free to roam.

So, when you visit Capri’s shores, look out upon the sea, And know the sons of Poseidon, guardians they shall be. In this enchanted island, where ancient myths entwine, They’ll guide you through the waves, and in your heart, they’ll shine.

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