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Sophia Ali As She Continues to Step Out of Her Comfort Zone

Starring in UNCHARTED, Sophia Ali landed a lead role on the film opposite Tom Holland and many other renowned actors. Playing a “badass video game character” on screen, this was truly a dream opportunity! Reminding herself to be more sure of herself, on set she has the chance to experience new things that pushed her out of her comfort zone. You may also recognize her from her role on THE WILDS, which also involved a lot of physical activity, LOL! Keep reading on and get to know Sophia Ali a little more!

Congratulations on your lead role in UNCHARTED. What originally drew you to audition? 

I was excited at just the possibility of bringing such a badass video game character to life on-screen. It’s not every day an opportunity like that comes around.

Share with us what it was like working alongside such a renowned cast. What did you learn about yourself?

While they were so easy to get along with on and off-set, they work so efficiently when required. I see their resilience shine through. To me, Mark, Tom, Tati, Antonio, and Ruben have a solid sense of what’s worth their energy and how to place their time. I wanted to learn so much from the experience of filming Uncharted, so I showed up to set every day expecting to grow but instead walked away reminding myself to be more sure of myself.

The film is packed with action, legends, and more. How did you prepare for your role?

I played all of the Uncharted games, including Lost Legacy. I played Lost Legacy a few times, actually. I worked out in the gym with a trainer.

Tell us a story about a time you had an adrenaline rush. What was happening? What was the outcome?

Full truth, that was almost every day on Uncharted. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect most days. I had a great stunt double, which alleviated the pressure to put myself in a potentially dangerous situation, but I didn’t know for certain what I physically could and couldn’t do. They asked me to run down the side of a water fountain in Barcelona, and then slide down the hood of a car. I said, “let’s give it a go.” It wasn’t until I was at the top of the fountain, without wires or safety netting, that I was questioning myself and my ability to run along a ledge, this high up, covered in water, and not severely injure myself. I had so much adrenaline pumping, I just did it. And I was okay. I even did it a few times. It was never not scary.

You also star in THE WILDS (love the show). How does that project differ from UNCHARTED?

They’re technically similar in a lot of ways. most of the time I could expect physical activity, such as heavy stunts and stakes. However, material wise, tone, pace, basically everything else could not be more different. The Wilds was a good preliminary for Uncharted as far as stunts. The Wilds is a lot more performance driven.

Did you form any special bonds on set of THE WILDS? Explain.

We’re all away from our homes for the entire shoot, not to mention the material is written and portrayed in such a way that bonding happens without us even realizing. The cast is like my sisters.

Growing up, what was your response when people thought you wouldn’t make it?

I never knew anyone who said that to me. If they only thought it, then maybe I’m lucky or was blissfully unaware. I can get tunnel vision when it comes to my goals and aspirations. I take no time to notice the people who would compromise the velocity. I had some family members disagree that entertainment would be the right path, because there are fewer opportunities for women like me. That was because they care and want what is best for me. Now that I’ve managed to make a living, I receive full support from them.

Any advice for our audience on how to deal with conflict?

Don’t expect anything. Don’t expect an apology, don’t expect a reconciliation, don’t expect to be right.

Something most people do not know about you?

I have a chameleon named Phoenix.

 What comes next?

I want to keep challenging myself. Ideally, someday soon, I’ll be writing and directing my own movies.




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