“Radiant Summer Blush: Embracing the Sun-kissed Glow

“Get ready to bask in the splendor of summer’s most enchanting beauty shoot, bringing forth a captivating array of blush shades to make your heart skip a beat. The essence of the season, accentuating the natural radiance that summer bestows upon us. From soft, dewy glows, sunlit bursts of color, this shoot celebrates the art of embracing your inner sun-kissed goddess. So, whether you’re lounging on sandy beaches or savoring a sunset rooftop soiree, allow us to inspire your beauty routine and unleash your ultimate summer allure. Get ready to glow with confidence, as we dive into the dreamy world of “Radiant Summer Blush”!

Concept Photography & Creative Direction St├ęphane Marquet @alekandsteph


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