Quincy is so far beyond the average star of today’s generation that, at this point, it would be almost impossible for the others to catch up. The 27-year-old star is a successful recording artist, an international model, a fashion and business entrepreneur, and a well-respected philanthropist. For his BELLO cover shoot, we had the chance to catch up with this perfect combination of beauty and brains to see where he’s taking his Hollywood skyrocket next.

BELLO: Your life story is a perfect intersection of fashion, music, and business. Do you see all three of these dimensions as having equal importance to you at this point in your life, or is one of them taking more prominence right now?

QUINCY: All three definitely have equal importance in my life because they all make up who I am. Think of it as a pie, or a puzzle. All these aspects of my life are the pieces to finish the puzzle.

BELLO: Atlanta is enjoying such a huge moment in the sun right now. Having spent so much time there growing up, can you describe how the city helped shape your style?

QUINCY: The state of Georgia definitely comes with an impressive cultural territory — Georgians start a lot of trends from fashion to dance to music. I’m thankful for my upbringing because I was able to be myself amongst people of different cultures. The southern hospitality the South provides is also very unique and it really affects you.

BELLO: You’ve been blessed with the ultimate gift of having an incredible successful family of mentors to inspire and guide you. What is the #1 greatest lesson you’ve learned from, let’s say, your godfather Quincy Jones?

QUINCY: To tell you the simple truth, he elaborated in a lot of ways which are too much for me to explain in one soundbite, but he let me know to always keep myself clear of all the bad that comes with the industries we work in.

BELLO: You’re a huge model, but also a fashion entrepreneur. Can you think of one or two fashion designers or fashion houses whose business models represent something you aspire to the most?

QUINCY: Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and detail and the the way it connects to the art of travel is something I admire and aspire to be as a brand. I’m on the move a lot and I need things that are made well and that last. I like luxury brands that really care about durability as well as refined luxury.

BELLO: What’s an example of a fashion show you’ve been in recently and had the absolute time of your life?

QUINCY: Hands down the Louis Vuitton show was the best experience I’ve had at a show. It was conceptually, physically, and visually outstanding. Virgil Abloh becoming the men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton is a huge moment in fashion history, and I was proud to be a part of that black excellence.

BELLO: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

QUINCY: I 100% see myself continuing to make films and music, as well as creative-directing. I also feel by then people will run the world instead of society — I want to be ahead of it all. I say that in an industry way because I feel today the industries are changing. But no one can adjust to change like old times. There’s always much more than what is presented.

BELLO: Are there any music projects you’re currently working on that you’re excited about and can share details about with us?

QUINCY: I recently released two new records on my birthday titled, “You’re Crazy I’m Fine” & “Snuggle Up”, both which represent the start of my new sound. The music is finally in a place where I want it to be — sonically, emotionally, lyrically, etc. My new strategy (which I think should be everyone’s) is to GET THE MUSIC OUT. I’m  still letting the world know who I am as an artist, but moreso as a person. Music is that connection to everything, especially emotions.

BELLO: What’s the biggest motivating force in your life?

QUINCY: Life itself. Life is beautiful. As well as people who are similar to me, who want to make a difference. People fail to master the simple things in life, but that’s where the real beauty is. Discovering new things daily is important. The mind has plenty of space — USE IT.

BELLO: What are some of the biggest things you’re looking forward to this summer?

QUINCY: Hopefully I can fit in a vacation or two before I start filming season three of ‘STAR’. So it’ll be amazing to be back working! It’s always an amazing time with the cast and crew.

BELLO: What’s the #1 piece of advice you would give to someone trying to pursue a career such as yours?

QUINCY: Everyone must know what they are signing up for. You have to know 100% of everything that comes with the industry before committing. It takes a strong heart and tough skin and PASSION! If you wait around nothing will get done. Sometimes you have to play more than just “your role.”



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