Max Ehrich

The Summer of Max Ehrich

By Sam Spotswood

Summer 2019 is the Summer of Max Ehrich.  He’s dominating summer airwaves with his roles in two new hits.  He stars as Tate Watkins in a new Netflix film called Walk. Ride. Rode. about real-life barrel racing star Amberly Snyder who continued to press on after becoming paralyzed; in addition to Walk. Ride. Rodeo., Ehrich stars in a new Lifetime series titled American Princess.  

The two very contrasting projects allowed Ehrich to flex his breadth as both a comedic and dramatic actor.  “I think they’re just completely different genres, so just the respect you want to pay to the person or the event that the story is based on definitely had a huge impact on how I play the character.”

Since Walk. Ride. Rodeo was based on a true story, Ehrich’s preparation for the role differed a bit from fictional roles projects.  “I did a lot of research beforehand; I wanted to be as informed as possible as to the actual story. Even though my character is fictional, I wanted to know everything I know about the real life Amberly so I could go into there having full knowledge of the project I was entering into.”

Despite the two projects contrasting heavily, Ehrich still achieved something he does with every character he plays: learning about himself through his characters.  “For each character, I always bring part of myself to relate to the characters and so I can do it in the most truthful and authentic way. I’d say characters also inform me about aspects about myself that I hadn’t necessarily seen on my own.  It’s a two way street.”

Though acting is one way for Ehrich to interact with his inner self, music has served as another important outlet for the star.  Ehrich has a deep passion for music, something that is evident with his song in Walk. Ride. Rodeo., which he wrote with Amberly Snyder.  “For many years I’ve been playing characters in different projects, and music is a way to express myself without playing a role.  It feels like I’m taking off the mask and sharing my life experience, my heart, so it’s a pretty vulnerable experience. Been writing songs for years and stuff, but it’s been this passion I kept to myself.  After the song were placed in the film, I felt inspired to share more after seeing the reaction that I was affecting people. When you affect people on a personal and emotional level, it inspires you to continue.”

Just as Ehrich shines through on the screen, his musical talent is evident as well.  He has an impressive musical vocabulary that influences his music, including the Beatles, 90s grunge, Daniel Caesar, and John Mayer.  “I really grew up on John Mayer, who is a huge influence for me. My music taste has allowed myself to dive deep, especially as a guy in society, we’re told to put on a tough face and just move on.  John Mayer was an inspiration moving on because he’s really vulnerable. He’s a huge inspiration.”

Ehrich’s respect for vulnerability and introspection not only comes from his interest in holistic healing, yoga, and meditation.  “I’m a big fitness guy as well. I love going to the beach, I love anything that’s nature oriented. I’m into holistic herbs and healing.  I’m always fascinated by different ways we can heal our bodies through natural ways, that’s really intriguing to me.”

These interests and practices influence Ehrich’s worldview, as he advocates for appreciating the present.  When asked what he would advise his younger self to do, he responded, “To not take myself so seriously. I think that we’re in a culture where we’re really defined by the things that we do and our time here is a bit limited, so I think it’s okay to enjoy the process.  It’s okay to strive for a bit more but I think It’s important to enjoy what is.”

As he continues to enjoy his current successful summer, Ehrich does have plans to continue to grow as an artist and share his passions with the world.  “I just want to continue to dive into projects, like acting roles that challenge me and continue to bring me out of my comfort zone, I feel like that’s the only way we can grow.  I want to put out my music and have an impact on society in a positive way and a way that get people thinking and feeling more deeply.”

Be sure to catch Ehrich in Walk. Ride. Rodeo. on Netflix, American Princess on Lifetime in addition to listening to his latest musical releases “Ride” and “Somebody Else,” available on all music streaming services.

Photographer: TED SUN @tedsun77

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