Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey: Overcoming her fears and thriving
By Alexandra Bonnet

People say that when you do something you love you never work a day in your life. But the true beauty of it all is when we can achieve that goal and that is exactly what Madison Bailey has done.  “Acting is my passion. I’m genuinely happy on set,” shared the talented and beautiful actress. Laughingly she shared, “I would do it all for free!” Now that is called passion and true love of one’s job. Everyday of hard work is met with a sense of fulfillment and continuous joy.

Starring on the renowned Netflix series, OUTER BANKS, she was immediately attracted to the role of “Kiara.” How could she not? Drawn to her character as a whole, Bailey took this character very personally. As she put it, “she was so many things that needed to be represented for young girls.” Strong, fierce, smart, and determined. With everything going on in the world, it is crucial to show young teens and adults the kind and smart way to look at things. When a series can have that positive effect, the actors make it real, and Bailey’s contribution and talent show.

“It’s given me so much fulfillment. I couldn’t be more proud of the project and energy we put out,” she shared. Already anticipating Season 2, Bailey is eager to get back to work with the incredible cast and crew! The first day on set didn’t feel like the first day, “it felt like we were a month in.” Everything came naturally, the rhythm and the connection were smooth and as she explained, “the chemistry was there.” Looking back on the photos and videos of that first week, for the young actress, it felt as if they had all known each other for years.

OUTER BANKS gave Bailey a new perspective on acting and being on set. Compared to other sets she has been on, this experience showed her that she could loosen up as it was an extremely relaxed set. Amazed, she shared “I had more say than I had ever been given. It was all pretty new.” That kind of fluidity can be challenging at times when you are working with a whole cast and crew which is what makes this experience all the more special and beautiful!

With beauty and success also comes a sense of pressure and underlining fear…we are all human after all! For Bailey, “a big fear for me is feeling like I’m not good enough.” Still working hard to overcome it fully, being on such a successful show where her talent is recognized has helped the actress enormously. She opened up about it with us and as she put it, “It makes you feel like you have the freedom to care a little less and gives you more room to be yourself.” An important lesson we can all benefit from! Society has put this pressure on all of us to sometimes be people we think others want us to be when in fact, all it takes is being yourself and surrounded by the right people.

On set just like in her family life, Bailey is blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Being the youngest, “a true little sister,” she also is a support system for her loved ones. “I take care of my dad. He’s my best friend. I think some of my older siblings look up to me,” she shared with love. Moreover, she is an auntie of six who she loves more than anything else! “I’m a homebody through and through. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now if it wasn’t for every single one of them.”

When Bailey isn’t on set or with her family, her day is pretty filled up regardless! Of course with quarantine that changed things up but she has at least one work-related thing every day. When that’s done, she spends time with her girlfriend on facetime “all day every day so much so that we sleep on FaceTime together.” Her best friend Hunter and her see each other every day, “genuinely never go 24 hours without her,” where they spend their time “hiking, cook together, walk around or just hanging out in the back yard and getting some sun.” I would say that is a beautifully balanced lifestyle! ”

Madison Bailey represents determination, love, beauty, talent, and balance as she gets up in the morning and conquers her fears one day at a time. Surrounded by beautiful people, she is able to transfer that energy into her work and own life as she builds herself a little more every day. Aiming to diversity her resume, Bailey would love to work on different types of projects…. “I want people to see me in one movie and be shocked when they see me in the next one.” There is no stopping this wild spirit so keep an eye out world because Madison Bailey is just getting started.

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