Lydia Hearst

Lydia Hearst

by Mercedes Banwart

Lydia Hearst is a versatile actress, having starred in a variety of works including The Haunting of Sharon Tate, #Horror, Z Nation, and numerous other projects. Though she started in the modeling and fashion world, she quickly excelled in acting, adding to her ample skill set. I was excited when Hearst took the time to speak with me about her career, passions and goals, letting me in on all of these elements.

Hearst knew she wanted to be part of the industry from a young age. “I definitely, without a doubt, always knew that I wanted to work in the fashion and entertainment industry. Since I was a little girl I always loved playing dress up. I loved the magic of movies. I loved watching movies with my parents and I knew it was a world I wanted to be in.”

As far as what sector of the industry interests her, it has been made very clear, not just through the roles she has played but also on her social media, that Hearst is an enthusiastic fan of the horror genre. As a fan myself, I was aching to find out what it is like for a fan to be behind the scenes, working within the genre. “For me it was exciting just working in the genre in general because you get to see how all the effects get made and that is something that’s always fascinated me. I love all the special effects and all the work that goes into it.” Besides the mind-blowing effects within the horror genre, there is another aspect of it that Hearst recounted to me. “It’s a really close knit community. I am happy to say I have gotten to be quite good friends with a lot of people in that world. I think the one thing I really love about the horror genre is that there’s no real competition necessarily between anyone in this genre. It’s much more camaraderie which is refreshing and something that I think is very different than a lot of other aspects of the film industry. I appreciate the camaraderie and the support that you find within the horror genre and world itself.”

While Hearst’s heart lies with the horror genre, she has had experience playing a wide variety of roles in all kinds of contexts. With all this experience, I wondered what her favorite types of roles are to portray on-screen and what sorts of characters intrigue her the most. “I’m constantly transforming. I change my hair. I change my eyes. I change my makeup. I’m very fortunate that I learned from my background in fashion that I have a bit of a chameleon-esque quality so I get to really not just step into these roles, but transform myself to take on a completely different person. I get to tap into different aspects of my personality and really change. I love just challenging myself. I love changing and I love working hard and tapping into these aspects of my personality that maybe I wasn’t even aware of before.”

With so much experience in the industry and being kept busy with new projects, Hearst keeps an old friend of hers in mind to maintain focus. “One of my friends I get reminded of a lot when I’m working. She’s one of my closest friends. I used to work with her back in the fashion world. I used to walk her runway shows. One of the first film projects I did was with her for a fashion short film. One of the best pieces of advice that she gave me when I was making this transition was to forget where the camera is. Forget what the focus is on. Be present. Be in the moment. You don’t have to be pretty because pretty isn’t always real. That is something that stuck with me because when you are in the fashion world it’s important to know your angles, where the camera is, and how to pose. That’s the complete opposite when you’re working in a drama or psychological thriller or horror film. It’s not pretty. It gets gritty and dirty. It’s the fact that you don’t look pretty that makes it real.”

Outside of her hectic, but very successful, work-life, Hearst thrives in the small, more mundane aspects of life and style. “I haven’t had much time where I’m not working but I’m grateful for that. I love watching movies with my husband and my cat, seeing friends, and cooking. Also, I love playing my Nintendo Switch. I take that with me wherever I go just in case I get a little bit of downtime.” As far as her style, Hearst described to me her wardrobe staple. “I would say my go-to is my Nobody jeans. It’s this Australian brand and they make these super skinny, ultra high-waisted jeans. [They] might be the go-to that I have whether I’m wearing it with sneaker, high heels, cowboy boots and either a fancy blouse or t-shirt. That might be my ultimate go-to.”

With this lack of time spent not working, what has 2019 been like for Hearst and what does it still have in store? “This year has been an incredible journey and such a whirlwind adventure. I’ve accomplished so much and so many of my goals. I was a huge fan of Z Nation before auditioning and ultimately getting cast and filming that over this past summer so that was a huge accomplishment and dream for me. There’s another true story that I just wrapped a few days ago called Grace and Grit which will be coming out later this year. Work-wise I have been incredibly fortunate and I’m so grateful for every opportunity that has come my way and it’s really been truly magical and amazing.”

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