Lucien Laviscount

Lucien Laviscount: Living In The Present Through His Different Roles and Worlds 

Tomorrow is never promised, the past a ghost, the future a dream,” opened up actor Lucien Laviscount. “I guess all we’ve got is now so we will see what is around the corner.” Especially with everything we have undergone in the last two years, I feel as though this quote needs to be highlighted as it reminds us to live in the moment. Always. I don’t know about all of you reading this but I tend to have trouble living in the moment but when I do…oh boy do things run smoother! When we realize AND accept that we can’t control life except for taking in what it offers us in the moment, there is this sense of freedom that burns within our soul.

For Lucien,  he welcomes the beautiful opportunities that have been placed on his path every day with open arms. His latest role of Alfie on EMILY IN PARIS did not go unnoticed as he brought character, passion, and good looks to the set. “I think Darren and his team have an incredible way of creating characters that bounce back and forth off each other and with depth to them as well,” he shared with a smile. “I think you can put a character in a situation and there’s always going to be drama, there’s going to be love lost and love found, and there’s going to be all that fun stuff that comes in between.” We can all agree with this, no?

When he first read the script, Lucien really fell for the character of Alfie because of his unique honesty and how he has opinions and is a young man figuring things out. If you have seen the show, you know exactly what he means by this…Ha! His character arc is quite beautiful as when he steps into Emily’s environment, she “opens up his world and opens up his eyes to the beauty that’s around him – that’s around all of us all the time;” something we don’t always do when we get to a point where we can’t see what’s right in front of us. Take a moment to think of something simple that brings you great joy and hold onto that feeling. Crazy how little things can make a big difference right?

“I feel super fortunate to be a part of something that I think has made a lot of people happy – I hope so anyway,” Lucien exclaimed. “It takes you out of your world for a little while, and I’m really proud to be a part of something like that and to work with the guys I got to work with.” This is the kind of set support we like to see! After wrapping up EMILY IN PARIS, the talented actor jumped on a movie entitled SENTINEL, based on an apocalyptic future world and composed of a stellar cast such as Kate Bosworth, Thomas Kretschmann, and a wonderful actor called Martin McCann.  The filming took place in the Baltic Sea which almost seemed surreal. “I’m really excited to see it and myself in it actually, to see how it all came together, because it was a hell of a process to film – it was pretty special!” Lucien exclaimed.

So how did this handsome individual make his way to the big screen? Well, it all started at a young age where he always had a performance element in his life: entertaining family, friends, and all the fun things kids are up to. “I think I always knew I wanted to be in the Arts and I think having the opportunities I had at such a young age, it made sense,” Lucien opened up. “There’s not many other things I could imagine doing!” For him, acting opens up the gate to a million possibilities where you can do just about everything and play any character you want! “So, I guess I do every job in the world in a sense!” he exclaimed.

One thing I really like to ask people is whether or not they believe they have found their purpose in life and Lucien admits he is still figuring it out yet through these different characters and worlds, he is able to tell stories and create. “If that is my purpose then I guess I’m figuring that out,” he shared. “Or maybe I’m serving another purpose that I don’t really recognize…” Something to think about, no? You there. Yes, you reading this. Have YOU found your purpose yet? A loaded question but one that is good to think about from time to time,…

Purpose and dreams go hand in hand and for Lucien, there are evidently so many things he wants from the world, from his life, from everything, “dreams are a wonderful thing to have and I’m blessed that I feel like I can fulfill them,” he shared wholeheartedly. “I feel that they are very personal as well, so I’m going to hold them close to my chest and manifest and keep on dreaming.” With a long way to go and a list of dreams to check off his list, it’s just the beginning for the talented actor.

The first movie he recalls watching was “The Lion King,” which he saw at the cinema with his two brothers. Seeing his younger brother’s face light up and “go through this full range of emotions was incredible and it’s still my favorite movie to date,” he ended. The spark he felt in that moment resides within him and it shows when he is performing on the screen! Whether it’s British or American television, there are so many creative platforms that allow individuals to create and live in these different worlds. “ I think that a song can change a day, and a movie can change your week, but a TV show can change your life. And a mixture of all three, well…!” Well said, Lucien! Excited to see where your path of light takes you next.


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