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Interview by Sam Spotswood

Q: Power Rangers first debuted to American audiences in 1993. While each season is different, how does it feel to be on that show that has run for so long?

A: It feels amazing! As an actor, it’s a dream come true to be cast on a show with an already existing fan base, and these fans are the most welcoming, passionate people in the world. It really is wild to be a part of a legacy that is older than I am, and I can’t believe I am contributing my talents to it. I truly feel like I hit the jackpot!

Q: Did you watch Power Rangers as a kid? Did this influence your decision to take on the role of Roxy?

A: I actually didn’t watch it as a kid, but I knew what it was, of course, and I am a sucker for action films and TV shows, so that was why I was attracted to the show and my role of Roxy. The opportunity to do my own action and stunts was one of the biggest influences of why I took the role. I just LOVE stunts…like a lot.

Q: How did you prepare to take on such a character like Roxy? Is playing a villain a challenging role?

A: My preparation for the role began with actually auditioning for the Yellow Ranger. I trained everyday for 4 months on perfecting martial art forms, fight choreography, and the audition sides. It was a super challenging audition process that ended with casting offering me a different role, “Roxy” the devious evil female Ranger. And honestly, Roxy came very naturally to me. I think once I figured out her body language, everything else fell into place and it’s been a breeze to play her for two seasons.

Q: How was it to get to know your co-stars?

A: Oh my gosh, my co-stars! Getting to know them was CRAZY! I mean we were literally thrown into a group together and moved across the world to make a TV show when we barely knew each other’s names. We got to know each other by filming and living together. It was the wildest and most full-on experience of my life. But I would not want to do it with any other group of people, because they are the most fun, outgoing, passionate, professional, caring group of people I have ever worked with. I feel so blessed and thankful to call them my castmates and now family.

Q: We read that you are also very much interested in being a writer. What made you want to jump into the literary world?  

A: Growing up, I’ve always been infatuated with stories, especially the ones that made me feel like I could take on the world, be adventurous, and made me dare to believe in myself. I realized I wanted to create something like that and move people with my stories in hopes of inspiring others to go after their dreams and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I wrote my upcoming novel The Secrets Within Me. It’s a YA action adventure novel that I am releasing this summer, and I cannot contain my excitement about it! I truly hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Q: How would you describe your acting style? 

A: I would say my acting style is me, Liana, finding a version of myself in every character I play—even the crazy ones. I feel the most authentic this way, and I strive to give the most authentic performances I can.

Q: How would you describe your writing style? 

A: My writing style is very similar to authors who write in the young adult genre. I know it’s very cliche to say, but J.K. Rowling truly is my favorite author, my biggest writing inspiration, and I hope to be on shelves next to her one day. So far, I think I am doing a pretty good job, and I am excited to see my writing improve in the upcoming years.

Q: Do they somehow influence each other?

A: I see my stories like movies now because I am an actress. When I am visualizing a scene, I literally see it on the big screen and it helps me figure out how the characters will interact, what words will be said, and how the whole story should be put together. I think being both a writer and an actress has only benefited my skills in both areas.

Q: How would you describe your journey as an actress to where you are now? What is your goal for this year?

A: My journey has been extremely difficult. I moved to LA when I was fourteen with my family to pursue a dream where I thought I would instantly make it big. I quickly realized that’s not how Hollywood works. You have to pay your dues going to hundreds and hundreds of auditions only to be rejected hundreds of hundreds of times. There were multiple times I questioned if my dreams were ever going to become reality. But then after an insane amount of hard work, I booked Power Rangers and I feel like I have climbed Mount Everest. And I only want to go up from here. So, I would say my goal for 2019 when I move back to LA is to work on some incredible studio feature films. That would be the absolute dream!

Q: As you may know, Bello Mag is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. How would you describe your clothing style? 

A: Oooo! My style makes me laugh. I feel like I am a combination of super lazy,  comfortable, girly and badass. On a normal day, I will just wear t-shirts and leggings around my house. When I go out, I usually am in overalls and converse with my hair in a wannabe Ariana Grande ponytail.  But if I was getting really fancy, nothing would make me happier if I could walk around in a sequin dress, heels and a leather jacket. OH! That’s heaven for me.

Q: What is something viewers may not know about you?

A: Fun things about me—I love super sweet coffee, I dance around my room a lot, I prefer sitting on the floor vs. chairs, I have an obsession with black cats, and I am a proud Slytherin. On a more serious note, I am a super hard worker, and if there is anything people should know about me, it is that I will never give up on my dreams no matter how long it takes me!

Q: What would you say your quote to live by is?

A: Dreams don’t work unless you do…

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