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The Secret to Beauty at 40 – and Beyond

“America’s Favorite Doctor” Laura Purdy is Living by Her Own Rules in Life and Fashion

The world of medicine tends to be extremely prescriptive: take this, do that, feel better. Physicians are trained to look at the presenting symptoms and make an educated judgment about what they see. As humans, we do the same with people – categorize or label them based on outward appearance. In today’s culture, looks can become an essential asset on the road to success – a road that winds differently depending on your gender. Women, in particular, face a series of complicated pressures regarding modern beauty. “Look good, but don’t look like you’re trying too hard.” Traditionally, bias has existed toward women who don’t fit the mold… with shame heaped on women who change their appearance to fit into it.

One look at Dr. Laura Purdy reveals a vibrant woman approaching 40, an unstoppable powerhouse physician who has reached every goal she set out to achieve on a circuitous road toward success that, if you stop to really consider it, makes complete sense. During her military service, she supervised the implementation of the Army’s first telehealth systems, overseeing care for hundreds of soldiers who would have otherwise gone without. Upon discharge, she followed her love of music toward a lucrative career as a concert pianist before returning to the field of medicine. A deep passion for creating a positive impact on the greatest number of lives led her to join an elite few physicians licensed in all 50 states (including D.C.) so that she could pioneer the full potential of telehealth to bring more equitable, affordable care to all Americans.

Today, she is known as “America’s Favorite Doctor” and the heart of telehealth, providing care to a panel of more than 20,000 patients nationwide while advising dozens of telehealth startups. On every step of her journey to get here, she has never relinquished belief in the influential power of not just what she says, but how she lives. As a mom to four kids under the age of 10, Dr. Purdy aims to set a positive example in word and deed, blazing a trail toward the bright future of improved healthcare while being the change she wants to see in the world – particularly as an educated, passionate, and creative career-focused woman. “This world holds immense possibilities for women, whether they follow a calling to stay home with kids, serve in a career role, or a bit of both! I believe we can be powerfully influential anywhere we go, as long as we stay true to our deepest passions.”

As far as American culture has come, there are still those who raise an eyebrow to Dr. Purdy’s personal beauty approach. Determined to remain transparent about her anti-aging measures, from a recent breast augmentation to her love of microneedling, she chooses time and again to eschew convention in favor of transparency. “I’m living out my own approach to beauty, because I want my kids and others to feel the same freedom. Every woman should be able to choose her own aesthetic approach without shame or judgment – to me, this is about supporting good mental health and personal confidence.”
After 15 years in the army, Dr. Purdy felt she missed out on the coming-of-age beauty milestones that are an integral part of womanhood – things like learning how to take proper care of her face and body. These days, she is a staunch advocate of daily sunscreen and bi-annual PDO thread lifts to stave off signs of visible aging. She is also a big fan of Botox and famously carries several vials in her purse to administer to friends or acquaintances. A mother of four, she has come to terms with the fact that certain parts of her body will never look the same as they did at 25. Instead, she has invested time and resources into understanding how to honor, respect, and embrace her body for what it is – and dress it accordingly.

One such resource is Intuitive Stylist, Media Personality, and Transformation Expert Ali Levine. Dr. Purdy stands at 5’3”, her petite frame well-suited to wide-leg styles, which she prefers to pair with a tailored blazer, power heels, and a bold lip. “How you look isn’t everything, but I believe it can reflect how we feel about ourselves on the inside.” With Levine’s help, Dr. Purdy has developed her own unique approach to fashion that playfully blends high-end and lower-end pieces for a finished look that screams confidence. Some of her favorites: Sam Edelman, VICI DOLLS, REVOLVE, Mac Duggal, and Adrianna Papell. She also dutifully follows Levine’s “4 F’s” of great style: fit, function, fabric, and fashion. Colors, too, carry their own vibrations, and Dr. Purdy finds herself drawn to bold pinks and cobalt blues.

“The most important thing is to love how you feel in what you’re wearing – be YOU.” This is the single greatest piece of advice Dr. Purdy gives to her daughters and relies on herself. Whether she is walking the red carpet at a charity event, speaking at a global conference, leading in the boardroom, or spending time with her kids, she strives to be nothing but herself – whether or not she fits into an easily labeled box of what beauty should look like. “Every person carries a special beauty in their heart, body, and mind to offer the world. Rather than trying to live up to everyone else’s standards, ask yourself: what can I do to empower myself to look like the most beautiful version of ‘me’- one that I can be proud of?” And do it for yourself, because the next generation will live by your example.

Discover more about “America’s Favorite Doctor” at or on Instagram @americasfavoritedoctor

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