Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels: A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Well, I think we can all agree that life is truly a roller coaster. We encounter twists and turns as we continuously discover new sides of ourselves. We try to find our voice in a crowded room, and discover what makes us stand out from the rest, what brings us joy, and what fills our heart with love. For renowned artist, Julia Michaels, she is continuously growing both as a singer and individual and has recently released her debut album, Not In Chronological Order…

Taking on a new perspective on love, this album shows a new side of the singer. “I used to think I could only write a great song that derived from chaos and toxicity,” she opened up. “The thing I learned from this album process, is that I can write a song about love, that is rooted in love, and it still feels equally as beautiful and impactful.” A little something we could all use!

Recorded during quarantine, Julia feels lucky to have been able “to rally a very wonderful group of men that felt comfortable enough to be in the room with me during a very scary time.” Having figured out a safe way that worked for everyone, this album is the product of time, patience, and dedication.  Digging deeper into the meaning of the album, Julia shared, “it’s about experiencing new love and love in a healthy way and love from growth.”

It’s safe to say that love isn’t always portrayed in the most beautiful light. Toxic relationships tend to be glamoured, and it seems as though people “think that it is boring if it’s easy and non-dramatic.” But let’s face it… We all want to feel enlightening love! And steer away from the drama that can come with it…
“I wanted to write about this love because it makes me feel confident, sexy, and honest with myself,” Julia added. “I hope when people listen to this, they know the kind of love they should have versus the kind of love they think that they deserve.” Yes, please!!

Before becoming a singer herself, Julia started her career as a songwriter until the day she wrote a song that was too personal to give to someone else. “I was twenty-three, I had written my song called “Issues” and it was the first time, and the only time, I had written something that I just couldn’t give away,” she shared candidly. And it didn’t go unnoticed. Working a lot with Republic Artists Records, as soon as they heard “Issues,” she was told she was an artist and her life was changed forever…

Throughout the first year of her career,  the artist found herself facing one of her biggest fears: performing. “I had so much anxiety and so many panic attacks. When you’re doing that first run, you’re traveling all over the world, doing promos in different languages, you’re meeting a bunch of people and you’re not sleeping,” she shared candidly. “ It’s so overwhelming and you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing.” But with time, and by doing her own shows, that fear was conquered! Not only that but with every show, she met more and more people who shared the same anxieties, depression, body issues, heartbreak, and love. “When I started to do my own shows that’s when I felt really understood and I was in a sea of people that understood me and I understood them…”

Always connecting with her fans, Julia keeps that connection strong through social media.“It’s always me on my social media, so every time they are talking to someone, it’s me.,” she explained. Remembering details about them and their stories, it’s important for the talented artist to stay true to herself and others. One thing she can’t wait to get back to is touring so she sees them face to face!
An encounter that left a strong impact on Julia was with this girl she met in Europe who had an eating disorder. The girl was with her mom and both of them were so funny and so kind. To this day, Julia is still in contact with her and thankfully, she is now in recovery! With so much love in her heart, the artist shared “just seeing her get better every day and feel comfortable in her own skin again, has been so beautiful to watch.” Goosebumps!

At the end of the day, we all need love and compassion in our lives whether it be receiving it or giving it. Our beauty is made up of different factors. For Julia, “beauty means just being yourself .” We are all built differently, and it’s those differences that make us shine! “These are things that make us so unique and beautiful. Why would we want to change those things about ourselves?” A perception of the world we must keep pushing! We’re all human after all, right?

Julia Michaels embodies what it means to stay true to who you are all the while continuing to work hard on your growth. With an always evolving style, both in fashion and music, the artist rises like a phoenix from the ashes…



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  1. Meg says:

    Julia is truly an incredible Woman, I look up to her and she inspires me in so many ways. And she’s the kindest ,most loving person you’ll ever meet.

  2. Madelen says:

    Aaah i love her music and just her vibe!!

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