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Jacob Sartorius: Marching To His Own Beat

Do you remember that first movie? That first movie you watched as a kid that made your mind twirl as you found yourself relating to the characters and the plot like never before? For singer-songwriter, entertainer, actor, and social media force, Jacob Sartorius, “The Truman Show” was his. Completely captivated by the storyline at just the age of seven while sitting at his grandma’s house, Jacob “was just so confused. It definitely caused a lot of paranoia actually,” he shared laughingly. “After watching it, I kept looking around my life, like, is anything real?” Going to the mall was no longer just a shopping trip but rather a constant questioning of what was real and what wasn’t…

In the film, Jim Carrey’s character was adopted by the director which also hit home for the young entertainer as he too was adopted. “Being adopted definitely is a huge part of who I am today,” he opened up. As soon as he found out and was really familiar with the story and the different pieces and the people in his life, it brought a lot of clarity. “It’s allowed me to understand that love can’t be boxed in just by blood,” Jacob shared with a warm heart.“There are so many good people out there. So many relationships to be had, and there’s so much to be appreciative for.” Yes, indeed!

Already taking in so much at such a young age, it was as if Jacob’s path was already lighting up and showing him the way. Around that time, he was asked to autograph his first pamphlet/ program after starring in the community theater performance of “Dracula” which gave him that boost of confidence to fully engage gears…and full throttle. “They just said some things that changed my life and ever since then, I was like, oh my gosh,” Jacob shared with excitement. “I think it is what sparked my curiosity and made me want to inspire as many people as possible.”

From this, he built an online presence which grew into a platform for music, vlogs, videos, and all that this bubble of light has to offer. Truly a jack of all trades, Jacob’s love for singing sprouted around the same time his love for acting did. “I would audition singing a spoonful of sugar by Mary Poppins,” he added. Bet you started singing the song in your head, right? Yeah, I did too…except it was out loud…during the interview…What can I say? When inspiration strikes, you go for it! Ha!  Over the last few years, the talented artist has released a variety of songs which have garnered a lot of attention. His latest EP, “Lost But Found” came out last year and was a project that involved different people in his life such as Dempsey Hope, Matthew Marino, The Invisible Men, and others.

For ‘For Real’, one of the singles on the EP, he also came out with a music video that was inspired by…can you guess which movie? Yes, THE TRUMAN SHOW! It truly remains relevant, especially in “the digital era that we’re in and there are all these cameras and it can raise paranoia or anxiety for those.” Conceptualized and co-produced by Sartorius himself, the color-saturated video further showcases this unreality on “The Sartorius Show”. Some of the writers on the project include Matthew Marino (Mod Sun), Anthony Benjamin Rodini, George Astasio (Zayn, Jessie J), Jason Pebworth (Charlie XCX, Lil Peep) , Jon Shave (Miley Cirus, Rita Ora) and Darryl Reid, produced by Tony “Trodz” Rodini and co-produced by The Invisible Men (Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, Zayn) and Darryl Reid.

Speaking of anxiety, I am sure we have all experienced it to a certain degree. Whether it be around our career, family, friends, or personal experiences…when it hits, it hits. Jacob is proactive in his preventative measures and has instilled a daily routine of deep breathing and very, very cold showers. As he explained, “just to shock the body and the breathing helps relax me and calm the anxiety. I’m pretty much good to create.” Definitely going to have to try that one. If you want to learn more about this make sure to check out the documentary BREATHE that he self-produced and co-directed. Join him as he takes you on a journey through Amsterdam where he met the ‘Ice Man’ Wim Hof.

Now for the exciting news… Jacob’s ‘Fear of Intimacy’ Music video is out now and he is releasing “Worth It” TODAY, OUT NOW EVERYWHERE! A song that was rooted from a freestyle, it continued to blossom into that being “the first song that’s ever happened like that. It was just go with the flow.” Produced by Gingerbread with the help of Wyatt and Pace, the song is about accepting where you’re at in life even if it’s not where you liked to be. “And just admitting that, regardless of if the glass is half full or half empty, I think it’s worth it to stay and stick around and wait for the good to come back,” Jacob added wholeheartedly. Hoping it inspires others and reminds them to keep holding on and moving forward, I think we could all use a pick me up song like this one.

Raised by an incredible adoptive family, Jacob grew up in Virginia and started making vines to “build a safe place for my family, my supporters, the people that come in and check it out there,” he explained. From the old lip sync videos to his tiktok and vlog videos, the content he creates touch on “a day in the life” of Jacob Sartorius. “We have a good time because it’s good not to take yourself too serious.” Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Accepting that his purpose is always evolving, what he knows for sure today is that he loves making music, “exploring creativity, but I also love having really deep conversations with people that I’m talking to.” Something we need more and more of!  There are so many other things that he is passionate about too which makes it hard to try to box in his purpose, you know? “I like to just go with the flow and let things be,” the artist shared. “I think maybe my purpose would be to spread love.” He continued on to elaborate on this thought by adding that every action is based out of fear or love so why not be as kind as you can to everybody you interact with? There is beauty everywhere after all!

Jacob Sartorius takes in everything and everyone around him as he spreads love and positivity. He reminds us to move at our own pace and always, always follow our intuition. It’s important to work hard but to also remember to not compare yourself to others and really focus on what you are doing. Taking his own advice at heart, he expressed that he too is “still on this journey as an artist and as a human, and there’s so much more that I can do within myself.” Staying true to himself and others, Jacob Sartorius is someone who is changing the world one song, one video, and one smile at a time.

“Move to your own beat. To your own drum. You are you. And that’s good. And you’re amazing. And just walk in your light. I love you guys.”–Jacob Sartorius


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