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A few weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of working with the most talented, kind, and fun group of people. Charlie Edwards, Aaron Gage, Luke Edmeade, and Jack Edwards are four young lads from England who have been making moves in their respective careers all the while uplifting one another. We had the chance to speak with them about their modeling careers and what makes them unique…For Charlie, he is a tattoo artist whose work is out of this world. If you are looking to get toned up and feeling good, Aaron Gage is here to help with that in the gym! Luke Edmeade is making moves in the world of acting which we can’t wait to see. Jack Edwards captured some amazing shots that day and as you keep reading on, you’ll discover more about these talented boys and their chase to success!


How does modeling and being a tattoo artist relate? What sides of you do they each bring out?

Clothing and tattoos are related to each other in the sense that, both are a way to creatively express yourself. One being permanent and the other being temporary. It is nice to have the option to switch things up with fashion. Both of the above bring out the creative side of me which I love.

Share with us how you came to be where you are today. Was it a person or event that changed your course?

I knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist from a young age, ever since I started drawing. It is a difficult industry to be taken seriously in as a newcomer so it took a lot of hours to get my work to a point that a studio would be happy to have me. I finally got my break in the form of an apprenticeship at 17 and have been working on my craft ever since.

As a tattoo artist, what would you say your “personal touch” is? Favorite tattoo you have done so far?

I try to approach every tattoo that I do in a unique way depending on what the subject matter is. I would say my personal touch is putting the colour red in as much of it as possible as almost a reflection of myself because I have red in my own tattoos.

Tell us more about all of your tattoos! Any stories about them you’d like to share?

I am going to do a full breakdown of all of my tattoos on a more extensive level in the future as I have far too many stories regarding them to answer in one question. I learned the majority of what I know in regards to tattooing from watching other tattoo artists complete work on myself.

As a model, you have worked with a variety of brands. Describe those experiences to us.

I’ve never had a bad experience in modeling thankfully! Every brand that I’ve worked with has been excellent to me. It was a shock at the start as the industry is a very spontaneous one and I wasn’t used to that but after a while, you get used to it.

What do you look most forward to about your move to L.A.?

I’m looking forward to working on all of my creative outlets the most. This includes art, music, clothing etc. The concept of creating art not only visually but sonically too is exciting as I feel that I’ll be able to properly creatively express myself in all avenues.


How do you keep up with your vigorous training schedule and modeling at the same time?

I feel that modeling and fitness go hand in hand. I find that modeling can be spontaneous and oftentimes rather last minute, however, my gym routine and fitness are extremely consistent so it fills that gap up nicely. With modeling, you have to look good and fitness compliments this perfectly. It has always been my passion so it comes naturally to me.

You are a Guinness world record holder for the highest (altitude) fashion runway in the world that was above base camp on Mount Everest (WOW). Please tell us more about that whole experience.

My Everest experience was amazing. I found it very eye-opening with regard to climate change and the natural beauty that Nepal has to offer. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel very blessed to have experienced it. It was extremely interesting to see people with so little, be so happy and content with what they had. I find that that aspect is lost in society today oftentimes because of how materialistic the world has become.

Why modeling? What does beauty mean to you?

Modeling came accidentally to me. I was scouted on my friend’s Instagram story by a model scout and it all started from there. I never intended to become a model as I was already working on my fitness career. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity given to me as it opened doors that I didn’t even know existed.

You have traveled across the world already many times. What has been the biggest takeaway from those experiences?

I’m very lucky to have done so much traveling at an early age. It was always a dream of mine when I was younger and I didn’t expect to be able to do it so early. I learned a lot about myself when I went traveling as oftentimes I am alone doing so. I feel very fortunate to have been born in the UK as the living conditions are so good in comparison to some of the places that I have visited. I would say that this is the biggest takeaway that I have had. Self gratuity is important to me.

If you had to describe yourself as a sport, what would you pick and why?

I would compare myself to boxing if I had to choose one. Granted, boxing is an individual sport, however, there is also a team behind the fighter that supports and provides different things to them. I have slowly developed a team of good people around me to support me in aspects that I didn’t even know I’d need. In a boxing match, the fighter may get hit and have no choice but to get back up. I resonate with that because that has happened multiple times in my life. We’ve got to keep fighting, haven’t we?

Tell us more about the app you are developing!

The app that I’m developing is fitness-based. We’re looking to help people improve themselves and allow them to operate to their full potential. It has been something that I have always been working towards and I have found a team of developers that understand the product that I am wanting and are willing to support me every step of the way. I never wanted to compromise on the quality and use it as a quick cash grab but rather, genuinely help people to better themselves, provide motivation and share the knowledge that I have spent years gathering.

Do you believe you have found your purpose? Explain.

The short answer is yes. I have always known that I want to help people in one way or another. Before the modeling, it was solely fitness that I wanted to do. Now that I have been modeling for a few years, I realize that this is not the only way I can do so. People are inspired by my story, background, and how far I have come. Modeling gave me a bigger platform to provide inspiration to people and I am forever grateful for that.


What role has entertainment played in your life? Tell us more about your first experience acting.

A major one for sure, it has the ability to take your mind elsewhere allowing you to be free and in the moment, which for me has always been a great way of escaping any troubles as well as learning about other cultures. My first acting experience was for an artist/professional soccer player called Memphis Depay who has played for the likes of Manchester United and currently Barcelona. I was cast to play the lead role in his single ‘no love’ which amassed over 18 million views on YouTube it was the first time I’d really had to act or play a character and I just naturally got a feel for it and that’s when i really had the idea that when the times right with enough hard work I can transition nicely into that field.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in modeling/arts?

I was scouted in London at 18, at the time modeling hadn’t even crossed my mind as a possibility and I remember being somewhat reluctant with it all at first due to it being completely unknown to me. After a few years, things started to really pick up work-wise which of course gave me a massive confidence boost. Being able to produce amazing content and being creative whilst traveling and constantly meeting new people I then fell in love with the industry and haven’t looked back since.

Having worked with a variety of brands, did you have any personal favorite experiences? Explain.

Everywhere is different for sure but the ones that stand out for me are ASOS I was there for 5 years and it was the place where you met everyone so it was a very sociable workplace which is hard to find, it was also where I managed to meet both Aaron and Charlie. Next Directory is where I learned more about the professionalism side of things and the importance of networking, being on time, and not allowing your standards to drop as this is a very cutthroat industry. Lastly M&M direct I’ve spent around 4 years there and it’s the one brand that has made me feel at home and as a model in such an ever-changing environment all the time it is undoubtedly one of the nicest feelings to work in such an environment.

Who is someone who has been a guiding light in your life? How so?

Mohammed Ali for sure what he did both as an athlete and as a man. He stood for so much more other than sport to the point where he transcended the sport itself. Being a role model and constantly fighting for humanitarian rights. Civil rights as well as religious freedom is something that you can’t not admire and is a major reason I got him tattooed on my leg.

Something most people do not know about you.

That I studied accounts at university/college and for many years I studied and played the saxophone.

If you could play/invent any character to play, what would you pick and why?

Without a shadow of a doubt it would be James Bond I think it’s time the role took on a whole new look so why not have its first tatted-up James Bond.

What do you hope the rest of 2022 is filled with?

I hope it’s filled with more progression both career-wise and as a person, as long as I’m a few steps closer to my goals and what I want to achieve and attain in life then it’s a success in my eyes.

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