Isabel May

Beautiful and fierce, the young actress Isabel May is truly an old soul with a lot of passion. Recently having premiered on the Netflix comedy series
Alexa & Katie,” Isabel has also just finished wrapping up the production of her indie feature LET’S SCARE JULIE TO DEATH. Her inner and outer beauty touches her fans and those around her. Young and fearless, Isabel May is a rising star so keep an eye out guys!

1. Tell me more about your role on the Netflix comedy series “Alexa and Katie,” which was just nominated for an Emmy in the Children’s Programming category. How does it feel to kick of your career in Hollywood with such an important role in the series?
I play a young, awkward optimist named Katie Cooper. I really enjoy that my first acting experience was portraying a genuinely kind, flawed person who just wants the best for others. Hopefully, it inspires young boys and girls to be a similar friend to one another.

2. What advice would you give to someone going through a hard time in their life?
I’m still very young and learning a new lesson everyday, so I don’t feel entirely certain any advice I give won’t change tomorrow, but considering my own little bumps in the road…know that there’s always another day and however you feel right now won’t be that way up ahead. I think we get so stuck in the past and present, we lose sight of things. Even at my age, I look back and laugh at how melodramatic I may have been, and how far away that moment in time seems now.

3. You are starting off your career as a young adult: how do you balance the “growing pains” of both the entertainment industry and your personal life.
I don’t even think I can be categorized as a young adult quite yet! As for the “growing pains”, I have such an amazing family and a pretty private life (plus I’m so new to all of this) so I haven’t experienced any of those. Really, being able to do what I’m doing as of now is such a blessing, I don’t think too much about any of the negative sides. I’m a homebody, what can I say? Getting to work in this industry and then race back home to a good book is my cloud-nine.

4. The production of your indie feature LET’S SCARE JULIE TO DEATH has just finished wrapping up. Can you tell me more about the feature and your experience on set?
Let’s Scare Julie to Death was such an interesting experience. It’s a 90 minute uncut take – no stopping, one shot. Really, really fun and creative and strange. I loved it! It’s about five girls who make a plan to scare the new girl-next-door and begin to disappear one by one. Everything about it was so different to Alexa and Katie. We had just wrapped Season 2 a week before starting the project and it was my first feature, so all aspects of the experience was brand new.

5. How do you feel about horror movies? Given the outcome of the feature’s scenario, were you nervous to shoot it at any point?
I love thrillers, and I feel this falls more in that genre. I’m not so into the “blood, guts, gore!” trope. But a good thriller with a tad of horror? Sign me up. The whole thing (sign onto project, rehearse, shoot, finish) was so fast, I didn’t even think about nerves. Everything was always in motion since we didn’t have too much time to shoot. Plus we didn’t have to rely on the script, so we got to improvise which was a dream. It felt so real. 

6. Do you have any hidden talents and/or hobbies most people don’t know about you? 

Hmmm. I can speak some French. I play some piano. I love to cook and bake (when it’s convenient). And I’m a marathon reader, I can go all day and all night.

7. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go and why?
I stayed with my family in a little village in France one summer and the experience was so wonderful, I’d love to go again someday. Really, there are so many regions of France that are stunning with fascinating culture and history (and style). Also Croatia, that’s on my bucket list! I’d love to go to any region of the world with a significant population of endangered wildlife and offer my support in any way…I just love animals so much, they deserve all our love and respect. So, if I could do that one day, I’d feel very lucky.



Photography ARTHUR GALVAO @artgphoto

Photo assistant ALEX BUDIN @alexbudinphotography

Styling LO VONRUMP @stylelvr

Hair ALEX HENRICHS @alexhenrichs

Makeup JAMIE KELLER @jamiekeller

Junior Producer ALEXANDRA BONNET @bonnetalex18

Production Maison Privée x BELLO Media Group

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