In the Glow of Africa

Fashion tale with visuals and text created by St├ęphane Marquet and fashion curated by Cybele Bertin.


In the heart of Africa’s realm I spy, A land where golden light doth lie, Upon the vast Savannah’s breast, A beauty rare, in Nature’s vest.

Beneath the sun’s relentless gaze, The landscape shimmers in a blaze, Of amber hues and golden sheen, A world as if from a vivid dream.

The grassy plains stretch far and wide, Where beasts of grandeur do abide, In regal splendor, they roam free, A wild, untamed symphony.

But ’tis not just the land alone, That fills my heart with an awe unknown, For in this place, the people stand, A vibrant, joyful, united band.

Their skin, a tapestry of earth and sun, Bearing stories of battles won, With eyes as deep as starlit skies, And hearts as boundless as the prize.

In the rhythm of their dance and song, I see a beauty pure and strong, In unity, they find their grace, A tapestry of the human race.

Though Poe’s dark tales may oft enthrall, In Africa, a different call, A celebration of life’s delight, In golden day and starry night.

So let us cherish this vibrant scene, The land, the people, wild and serene, For beauty lies in every place, And every culture, every face.


Story featured in BELLO Style October 2023 issue. Full digital preview HERE Order our print copy HERE.

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