Heather Hemmens

Heather Hemmens As She Lights Up Our World

Heather Hemmens stars in “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” where she was completely surrounded by positive vibes from beginning to end. Impossible to hold in the laughter, the cast and crew embraced the humor of it all as they filmed. Having also worked on other projects such as “Yellowstone,” the talented actress is making it big! Season 4 of Roswell, New Mexico was picked up which means she will be working again in no time and Heather couldn’t be happier! This beautiful and talented actress has our hearts…Stay Tuned…

Looking back on your time on “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!”, what was your favorite scene to shoot and why?

I loved shooting the scenes where the whole cast was on set, because the energy and goofiness were always through the roof!

If you could change anything from your audition, what would it be?

It was one of those moments where the stars aligned, and I was really enjoying the moment. And I booked the job, so I definitely wouldn’t change a thing that may change that outcome!

I am sure there were a lot of times where you wanted to laugh on set. How do you keep the focus during scenes?!

We didn’t! We laughed all the time! It’s impossible to keep it in, and when you’re making a comedy, if you’re not laughing there right be a problem! In some scenes you can see a few of us actually trying to hold it in.

How did your own teenage experience help you with this role?

I loved Fresh Prince of Bel Air and family shows like that, so I was really excited to be doing a show with a similar dynamic. Wholesome, family comedy is refreshing these days.

What was your teenage experience like growing up?

I was pretty similar to the way I am now! I had a few close friends but got along with everyone. I didn’t have much conflict with my parents, because I told them everything and they were always very supportive, just like now. My biggest challenges were working after school jobs while trying to get good grades, and watching some of my friends go down the wrong path with drugs and other things.  I was lucky to have, along with wonderful parents, a mentor that guided me to the theater in those pivotal moments.

Share with us some of your favorite projects to date. 

I was very proud to work on the show “Yellowstone”. As an actor, that was a dream team. I wasn’t able to continue on the show because I had a scheduling conflict,  but I will always be proud of booking that role and what I was able to bring to it in the short time I was there.

Who have you always aspired to be like?

The version of myself that I am today! I always had a vision in my head of what I expected from myself, the human I wanted to be in my family and in my work, and in my own eyes. The road was full of sacrifices, heartache etc. But the peace and integrity of being authentically me was worth it.

If you could have lunch with anyone (dead or alive) who would you pick and why?

I would have one more lunch with my beloved mentor, because I miss her so much and our deep talks that guided me.

Share with us your take on fashion. 

I’ve minimized my closet the past few years, as I’ve learned less is more. And simplicity is much less stressful! A comfy dress is a whole outfit that you don’t have to match and it always looks like you made some effort. I’ve also been focusing more on quality fabrics, and less patterns both give me more wear out of the pieces.

What comes next?

We are so happy to be picked up for Season 4 of Roswell, New Mexico! I will go back to filming that in the summer, and hopefully direct another episode as well.



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