Hannah Godwin

Hannah Godwin: Embracing Love, Beauty, and Fashion

Fashion is more than fabric and beautiful style. It is a way of living, a way of expressing who you truly are; your thoughts and feelings. For Hannah Godwin, fashion is also a career, a passion. Growing up, the morning routine of picking her outfit “could totally set the course for the rest of the day,” making it an important moment! Always searching for thrift stores to find the styles others were wearing, “it gave me an appreciation for all types of styles and really pushed me to be creative with how I expressed myself,” opened up Hannah.

Always searching for the latest trends, one recurring style she tends to lean to is the good quality/flattering basics that she can mix and match in a variety of ways. After all, what better way than to make an outstanding outfit out of basics? As she explained, “I’d say around 85% of my closet is core basics, and 15% is new trendy statement items!” A little something we can all learn from…basics are a must!

Truly happy with how her life is going, this fashionista had the incredible opportunity to walk in this year’s New York Fashion Week for Sherri Hill. Laughingly, Hannah expressed, “walking for Sherri Hill was such an amazing opportunity and I kept having to pinch myself backstage that it was actually happening!” This was her first time ever partaking in NYFW, making it a true dream come true! And when faced with any nerves, the model turns to comical Youtube videos, making jokes, and finding funny memes. Laughter is definitely a cure for many things…
Currently, Hannah moved to San Diego with her significant other, Dylan, and their love just keeps flourishing! A relationship that started on an already stable platform, the couple has grown over the years and “switched into being each other’s true other half.” There is no “judge zone” between the two which allows them to be their authentic and true selves….and we love it! After all, embracing people’s beauty is essential, whatever that beauty may mean to you.

For Hannah, “Beauty truly stems from the inside. It’s the way you treat others and treat yourself,” she explained. We all come from different backgrounds and have grown into different versions of ourselves that should all be celebrated! In a world where there is pain and ugliness, there is also so much wonder and light…you just have to recognize that it comes in all shapes and sizes! Yes, life can get stressful but it’s okay to let loose sometimes too! As she put it, “I think the most beautiful people also don’t take life too seriously and have fun!”

Hannah Godwin embraces beauty and strives to make people feel important on the daily. Ther world of social media continues to grow and yes, it needs some work but luckily many outlets are moving towards a more “diverse standard of beauty,” which inspires many! As she added, “I find that in everything I do, every conversation I have, and every motive I have stems around making people feel special- because they are!” Keep spreading the love and embracing all guys!


Model Hannah Godwin @hannahg11
Photography Ashley Roberts @ashleyrobertsphotos
Styling Jazmin Whitley @jazminwhitley
Makeup + Hair Jaclyn B @jaclynbmakeup
Interview Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites

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