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Greg Tarzan Davis: Hearthrob

The handsome and talented Greg Tarzan Davis has recently joined the cast of the infamous hit series “Grey’s Anatomy.” The “new kid in school,” we wanted to know more about his time on set and what it was like diving into a storyline that has been going on for years.  Being cast on this was a dream come true and gave him some brownie points regarding his close ones who are fans of the series…LOL! We will also be seeing Greg on the big screen as he steps into his role on the upcoming film, TOP GUN: MAVERICK! Many exciting things for the actor. It’s safe to say that his future is as bright as his smile! Yeah, I know…Corny but TRUE!

You recently joined the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy.” What was it like jumping into a series that has been going on for so long?

Joining Grey’s Anatomy was a victory not only for me, but it seems as though I have made my family and friends really proud! This show has been on for close to two decades now and it has obviously gained a large fan base, which includes most of my family and friends. They are definitely happy for me, but I think they are more excited to say they know someone who’s on their favorite show. hahaha so MAJOR brownie points for me.

What were you most anxious about on the first day? Most excited about?

Every time I start a new job, a mix of emotions stir within, but what made me most anxious on this endeavor was stepping into a role as important as a doctor. A doctor saves lives and that invokes a major sense of importance with the role.  Not to mention speaking the medical lingo and trying to sound as if I’d been studying this forever was an additional challenge. On the flip side the most exciting part about it was I have never played a doctor, so it’s fun to put on the surgical gown.

How did your first week go with the cast and crew? Any story that stands out you would like to share?

Stepping into a show that has been going on as long as “Grey’s Anatomy,” feels like entering into a new school in the middle of the year after everyone has already become BFFs. Luckily for me, this “school” (Grey’s Anatomy) enjoys having new kids on the block haha and they welcomed me with open arms.

Tell us more about your role on the show and how you prepped for it.

I play” Dr. Jordan Wright,” a fourth-year surgical resident that recently transferred to Grey’s Sloan Memorial Hospital. Dr. Wright is known to be the best resident in his program and is intent on showing just that while working at Grey Sloan. He is constantly seeking more guidance to improve his skills and solidify himself as the best and to work under the person he admires the most, Chief Miranda Bailey.

You will also be starring in Top Gun: Maverick! Congratulations! In what ways does the movie highlight the original one?

Top Gun: Maverick does a great job catering to the generations that loved the first film. It also creates a new experience for today’s audiences to enjoy and hopefully fall in love with like our parents did years back.  I am extremely excited for the world to enjoy the experience.

What was your favorite scene to shoot and why?

My favorite scenes to shoot were flying in the F-18, for obvious reasons. How many times in life do you think a person has the chance to fly a military grade aircraft? EXACTLY, no chance at all, and we were blessed with the opportunity to not only fly it but have footage to prove it really happened. What’s the saying, “if it’s not recorded, it didn’t really happen”

Share with us your journey up until now. Did you always want to act? Explain.

Oh, that’s unfair to ask someone to explain their entire journey in one sitting, because we all have so much to share about the ebbs and flows of this roller coaster ride, we get on when we partake on life’s quest. I will say though, I have always wanted to be an actor since I was a young child. It was something that only became real for me a few years ago.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you have ever given to someone?

The best advice I have ever given to someone, was to myself, and that was to take a leap of faith and JUMP. You only have one life to live and if you are able to live just an ounce of your dream, that would make the years you have/had on this earth worthwhile.

Paint us a picture of what “growing old” means to you.

We are here on earth for a borrowed amount of time and while here, we each have a purpose. If we can fulfill that purpose, growing old doesn’t matter, we have done what we are supposed to do. So, I guess that would be considered “Growing old” in my eyes.


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