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Gianni DeCenzo: The Spark The Industry Needed

Ok. I am personally very excited to share with you guys our Bello shoot and interview with one of Cobra Kai’s cast members, Gianni DeCenzo. He brought character, passion, and intoxicating energy to set which left a strong impression on us all. Working on Cobra Kai has been a true dream come true, especially since his dad and he are big fans of the OG Trilogy (I mean who isn’t?)! When he isn’t working his magic on screen, he aims to help kids who also have Type 1 Diabetes to remind them that this does not need to hold them back in life! Gianni DeCenzo is the spark the entertainment industry needed and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Tell us more about why you decided to get into acting. 

Thank you! It’s nice to meet with you too! My parents were actors growing up and even met in an acting class. So acting is a big part of my family. So one day, when I was about 9 or so, I walked up to my parents and just asked “when am I gonna be on TV” and the rest was history. My mom dressed me up in the best button-up I had at the time, and we took pictures in my backyard to send to agents. Then, a few days later, while at Disneyland, my mom just kept getting calls from agents interested in meeting with me. Then it just grew from there.

Was this always a passion of yours?

For as long as I can remember, yes! Growing up I was always in the school plays. I just loved to perform.

You play on the infamous series “Cobra Kai,” which is the continuation of the original “Karate Kid.” What has that been like?

It has been INSANE! Getting to be a part of such an awesome project has been a dream come true. Plus I get to work with some pretty cool people. It’s really just cool to see so many people passionate about something I’m a part of.

Do you remember the first time you watched the original movies? Explain. 

My dad is a big fan of the OG trilogy, so we watched all of them together. And now that I’m on the show, I love taking him around the set. I showed him around the Miyagi Do dojo, the cobra Kai dojo, and even introduced him to William Zabka and Ralph Macchio.

How did you prepare for your role on the show knowing you were continuing the legacy of such a great storyline.

I was a bit nervous to start, especially since we were working in something people loved so much. If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s mess up someone’s childhood. But luckily the creators of the show Jon, Josh, and Hayden are big fans of the karate kid, so they made sure to do the OG movies justice. I just came prepared for whatever they threw at me.

Tell us more about your character on the show. In what ways do you relate to him? Differ

My character Demetri starts out as a pessimistic nerd just trying to keep his head down to make it through high school. But over time karate shows him that he can be more than the wimpy kid, he can actually stand up for himself, and that’s something I really identify with. I was never a very popular kid growing up so I get the struggles. So for anyone out there going through something similar, just know, it gets better, and keep your head up!

When faced with adversity/conflict, hound you usually handle it?

I always try to go for in a respectful way. I don’t want to make anyone feel put down or unheard. I try my best to make sure everyone gets what they want. I can confidently say none of my disagreements have ever ended in a karate war.

Growing up, who was someone who inspired you and why?

My parents. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be acting now. They helped me so much, and any time I felt discouraged, they helped me get back on my feet. They’ve always encouraged me.

When you are not acting, what does a typical day look like?

On a typical day, I’m probably working on some of my art projects. I like to make all kinds of things from sewing, to robotics. I like all crafts really.

Are there any philanthropic endeavors you want to get into or causes you support?

I have type 1 diabetes so I want to help kids growing through the same thing. I just want to show them that this disease doesn’t have to hold you back in life. It’s just something we deal with, not who we are.

What do you hope to accomplish this 2022?

I have a couple of projects in the works right now, so I’m hoping to get those out to you guys in the near future! Be sure to look out for them!


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