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Freya Allan Soaring High

“ I’ve definitely learnt that pressure fuels me and that I love to be challenged; that’s what keeps everything so interesting and alive,” opened up actress Freya Allan who stars in the hit series THE WITCHER. The series’ second season has been a major hit in the world of TV and here at BELLO, we are excited to share with you our exclusive interview with the woman who plays the role of “Ciri,” the princess of Cintra.

In Season 1, her character experiences much loss and turmoil in a rapid manner so this new season allowed Ciri to contemplate everything she went through before. “She is discovering things about herself and her family she never knew and so she is trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her future,” explained Freya.  “The lingering fear of this uncontrollable power she possesses hanging over her shoulder constantly.”  Oooo! A determined character who values her voice, the actress finds the same characteristics within herself–off screen. Laughingly she added, “however, I did not grow up in a castle.”

This sense of poise and rationality stems from a childhood in which she had to mature much more quickly than other kids. Her parents separated when she was just a baby which lead her to live a split double life. Having had to navigate through it all, Freya learned many hard lessons young but luckily had two parents who “never put any kind of pressure on me and were supportive of whatever I chose to do,” she shared. “As a result, I worked hard at things because I wanted to and was driven to rather than being forced.” If only all parents could be like that, am I right?

Having a support system so stable and strong is truly a blessing and for Freya, it allowed her to pursue her dreams full throttle and to have people to share them with! Throughout the filming of the first season of THE WITCHER, the actress’ mom and brother came to Budapest which made the experience even more meaningful and memorable. And on the topic of memories, another moment that stood out to her was when “her friend Jack spent a whole day learning to milk a bloody cow only to come onto set the next day to find a Hungarian super horse in its place, due to the cow having other commitments,” Freya concluded with a laugh. Holy cow!

Alright, Alright. In all seriousness, working on THE WITCHER has filled the actress with love, passion, dedication, and a sense of camaraderie. “Everyone’s so dedicated and we’re all working hard to produce something as a whole,” she opened up, “which is such a nice feeling, especially when there are those inevitable hard days.” A sort of relief some may say? Especially on those shoot days where everyone is in a good mood and “ there’s laughter in between the moments of focus.” Of course, there is also beauty in those days where you “conquer a scene you were nervous about as well as bad shooting days” where you just have to get on with it and get the job done. And with the very best by your side…not too bad right?

It’s important to make a note of those who light you up and those who bring you more anxiety than anything else so take moment to do so. And see how things shift!

As Freya continues her journey as an actress, her next upcoming project is an Indie film called BAGHEAD. A role that kind of fell on her lap, this will be her first time leading a feature film…um, okay Freya! Get it! “I’d shot a film with studio canal before and they’re lovely, AND it’s Berlin, why wouldn’t I!” she added. That’s a fair point,…

Playing the role of Iris, a woman who takes on a pub that belonged to her father, who she barely knew and who very recently died, some weird things begin to happen. “But I hope that audiences also get to see the emotion and reality within the horror element of the film too though,” Freya shared candidly. “That’s what I was always fighting for.” And that is what makes her stand out: going beyond what is expected from a character in a film and providing a performance that will truly get the audience thinking!

Freya has always stayed true to herself and what she wants, something that started at the age of 4 when

they were reading out the casting for the school nativity and they said, “Freya: sally the wolf”, (who she was told eats the sheep). “I shot up my hand up and said, in front of the whole class, “I don’t want to be a baddie!”” the actress described with a chuckle.  “So I became Sally the vegetarian wolf, and I remember getting the biggest laugh from the audience when I said the line.” Now that is a childhood memory!

Ready for whatever life puts on her path next, Freya Allan is soaring high in the world of film and television and we can’t wait to see what else comes up! Filled with love, passion, dedication, and a sense of closeness, the actress has everything that it takes to keep shining bright!


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