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With the frigid rain still threatening Angelenos, cuddling up with a new Netflix original seems like the only rational thing to do. Umbrella Academy, an exciting new superhero series, offers the perfect escape from the soggy outside. On one such evening in Los Angeles, we got to speak with Emmy Raver-Lampman, a talented actress who made her big break starring as Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton and who currently stars as Alison Hargreaves in Umbrella Academy.

Of her character, Emmy said, “I think Alison is this fierce, fiery, independent, strong woman that I’ve just so enjoyed getting to know and bringing to life. She was the only daughter of the family that went out and fought crime with her brothers and had to run drills and run just as fast and be just as strong.  I think that is such an awesome, awesome part to get to play.”

Emmy noted that among each of the characters she’s played, Alison bears the most resemblance to herself in terms of personality.  “I think she definitely has her weaknesses and her vulnerability and all of those things, but I think she has this unbelievably nurturing soul and independent spirit, and those are two things that I instantly connected to when I was reading the script and when figuring out how I wanted to bring her to life. I think she is the most like me of any part that I’ve ever, ever gotten to play.  She’s an elevated, heightened version of me–absolutely–and has a very damaged childhood, and is married, and has a child, and also has superpowers which is something that I can’t even begin to relate to.  But, I think her soul is one that I understand, I think the most.”

Unlike Alison, Emmy did not grow up with a tumultuous childhood.  Rather, her parents, who are both college professors, completely supported her aspirations of becoming an actress, something Emmy is extremely grateful for.   “I think the second that they realized how important it was to me, they stood behind me and have seen every single thing that I have done a million times and have spent countless hours in New York seeing me in my shows and travelling to random cities that I was touring on.”

In addition to her parents, Emmy received massive support from her mentors and teachers along her journey to stardom.  “I think every experience, you pick up another person who gives you strength and courage and their belief in you and your ability and what you’re bringing to the table.  You kind of add that person to the backpack of people that you have in your corner.”

Each acting experience Emmy’s had has been a versatile one, as she’s acted in live theater, film, and television, appreciating each experience for its own merits.  “I kind of love and enjoy all of them, it’s not a ‘Which one do I prefer?’  I think it’s a matter of what role is exciting me at the moment.  And they’re all very different mediums and different ways of being an actor, but I enjoy them all.  It’s really hard, it’s like asking someone to pick their favorite child!  I really love it all because it pulls different things out of me.”

Every one of Emmy’s unique acting experiences allows her to fully flaunt her creativity to her audience.  However, off camera and off the stage, Emmy continues to flex her creative side, often taking up crafts on set.  “I also love crafts.  I had a jewelry line on Etsy for a while, and I love making macrame wall hangings, and I knit.  I love painting, and I always kind of need to keep my hands busy.  I’m usually on set knitting a scarf or doing some Mandala coloring books or making a wall hanging or painting a canvas or finding some craft or something ridiculous to make that my boyfriend is constantly rolling his eyes at.”

In addition to embracing challenging, vastly different acting roles, Emmy enjoys novelty in her free time.  “I love to travel, traveling is my number one, just to get away and clear my mind and explore a new city and new culture, a new cuisine, new people, and new ways of living.”

Luckily for Emmy, her acting career has been characterized by travel, as she’s worked everywhere from New York, the west coast, and Toronto for various projects. She had a difficult time picking her favorite location, though, since being able to completely experience the city is extremely important to her.  Upon being asked her favorite location, Emmy said, “Hmmm…it’s so funny because like I feel like until I have done theater, a movie, and TV in all 3 of those places, I feel like I can’t make a proper judgement!”

With her flourishing career, we asked Emmy what she hopes for the rest of 2019. “Nothing would make me happier than to know that we’re going to get a second season of The Umbrella Academy and to continue my work in that show and to continue Alison’s journey and the journey of the Hargreaves family–that would be so incredible!  I would love to do a movie.  I think getting the opportunity to dig deep into another character, into another awesome woman that I would get to portray, that would be really fun.”

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Written by Sam Spotswood | Questions by Carl Tienabeso

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