Emery Kelly

Emery Kelly: Born To Sing and Act

Growing up, Emery Kelly would listen to all the renowned artists with his parents from MJ to Prince and more. Having grown up doing musical theater, it was clear that his love and passion for music would hold a special place in his heart and then lead into a career! On top of that, he also decided to pursue acting…Woah! Watching his older and talented sister was also a big influence in his direction in life. Inspired by all that is around him, Emery has released “The Answers,” a power ballad hoping to aspire others to stay true to themselves and all for love! Talented in front of the camera and behind the mic, Emery Kelly is going places!

Growing up, what was the one song/artist you would play on repeat? Why did this song/artist resonate so strongly with you?

I don’t really have a specific song that I grew up to, but I know my parents played a whole bunch of MJ, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and a lot of other great artists while I was growing up. What resonates so strongly with me is I recognized how passionate those artists were with their music, I love and respect that so much.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career as an artist and actor? Do you remember the exact moment?

No, not really! I grew up doing musical theater, so I was always acting and singing as a kid. I always wanted to be an artist and pursue the career but what also sparked it was watching my older sister Veronica doing her thing. She’s amazing at singing and acting too!

Tell us more about your projects as an actor. What has been your favorite and why?

I’ve been on a lot of awesome projects with Netflix’s “Alexa & Katie”, Disney+ “Big Shot”, and even got to film a movie “Max Winslow and the House of Secrets”! It’s been a surreal journey. I’m very grateful for each project so much that I can’t decide a favorite!

As you started your acting career, what were you most nervous about and how did you overcome it?

I was nervous that I wouldn’t make it anywhere in the acting world, but I overcame it by telling myself one day I’ll book something or meet someone that has a new opportunity for me. To keep going and step right back up when you fall.

As an artist, what inspires your music? How does the writing process go?

A lot of things inspire me: life, friends, family, conversations, basically everything haha. It depends on the moment for me. The writing process is different every time. Sometimes I can write a whole song in 10 minutes or it could take 10 years to finish one. It just has to feel right.

Tell us more about your current projects.

I’ve been working on my first solo album “Some Of My Emotions” S.O.M.E that comes out this year! When you listen to it from beginning to end you’ll be taken on a journey like no other. It’s sonically different from what is out in the music space so I’m really excited for people to hear this album

What inspired “The Answers”? What does out mean to you and what do you hope the audience gets out of it?

“The Answers” is a great power ballad, and I love that song because it talks about being yourself and doing it all for love. I’m super grateful that it was able to be a part of the movie “Max Winslow and the House of Secrets,” and to have “The Answers” considered for an Oscar nomination! Super crazy.

Tell us more about your upcoming role in “Big Shot.” What are you most excited about?

I’m really excited for people to see more of Dylan! He plays basketball and is really good friends with Louise.. maybe more? Who knows you gotta watch it to stay tuned!

What do you hope to accomplish the most?

I hope to accomplish many things, but right now I’m focused on making really good music for the world.


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