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Beautiful and bold, Dichen Lachman is making moves in Hollywood. From being fierce in her roles on “The 100,” and “Altered Carbon,” to free spirited in “Animal Kingdom,” and adapting to many other roles, Dichen never ceases to amaze us with her talent. She has come a long way from her appearance in AQUAMARINE and has turned into a true idol, a modern day heroine. This free spirited beauty is flying up and fast and we will keep catching up with Dichen throughout her journey.

Recently, you starred in “Altered Carbon” and “Animal Kingdom,” making your mark in Hollywood. Tell us about your journey in filming both shows. (Which one came first, which one did you find most challenging
Altered Carbon was shot in 2016/2017 and The role of ‘Frankie’ on Animal Kingdom started in 2018. They are very different shows and yet very similar, mostly in terms of what drives the human aspects… like power, greed, love and family. I had an amazing time working on both. Altered Carbon was extremely demanding physically. In relation to the character Reileen’s drive and intention was much clearer but also very dark so that was taxing. Frankie on Animal Kingdom is more of an enigma and she has a whimsical vibe, so lighter and a little easier to slip in and out of. I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to explore both.

From your first major role on AQUAMARINE to your role on the Australian series “Neighbours,” to your roles today: how would you say you have evolved as an actress?
I have had so many wonderful opportunities and each one has helped me grow as an artist. I hope to continue to evolve. I had some defining personal moments on Altered Carbon where I really became fearless and felt empowered thanks to an amazing team of people and the imagination of the writers I was given many gifts creatively and have so much gratitude.

How do you prepare for your roles before filming—especially those that involve playing a heroine such as in “The 100,” and “Altered Carbon”?
I prepare for everything differently. In relation to The 100 and Altered Carbon it was about finding the strength of the characters convictions and grounding them. Really believing that they were fighting for what was right. Sometimes it’s a tricky balance. I don’t think it’s a good idea to play any role as ‘the bad guy’ every antagonist has to believe that they are doing what’s true and right.

Growing up, what was your favorite superhero? If you could have any power, what would it be and why?
I loved Supergirl and Superman. It was really nice to have played a small part in the CW’s Supergirl because growing up I loved the movie.

Bello Magazine is a style and lifestyle outlet: can you tell me about your personal style?
I like to be comfortable, but I also love being flamboyant. I guess ultimately I like to mix and match. One of my favorite things to do as a treat is go to secondhand stores or Santee Alley in downtown LA. I love the imagination that goes into fashion. I feel like certain styles can bring out a different character. Sometimes I’ll buy something I would never really wear just because I can imagine the person who would wear it and I might like to explore them one day. As an artist I’m not married to anything too much because I think the way a person dresses says a lot about them, and being interested in that opens me up to a wide variety of options. I love exploring…. as a mom to a three year old mostly just practical for now.

Tell me about some of the places you have shot on-location at in the world. If you had to pick a favorite place, which one would it be?
Mostly it has been Vancouver which is a stunning city. Montreal is beautiful too… but I have to say Los Angeles is my favorite city. I love being here and whenever I’m away from it I’m itching to get back. It’s geographically beautiful and the light in this city lands on everything in such a stark contrasting way, much like the more abstract aspects of the town.  There is no other city like it and it’s culturally so rich.

When you hear the word HEROINE, what are your first thoughts that come to mind?
Strong person fighting for something they believe in. Someone who can also convince others that what they are doing is right…

What would you be your dream role and why?
Almost every role I have had the opportunity to explore has been a dream role for different reasons, sometimes it’s also about the people you’re working with because it should be like a family. I’m looking forward to the fact that there are not as many rules about who can play leading roles. I think globally we have made a lot of progress. So I’m optimistic. I love being an artist and having no boundaries imposed on my craft. Maybe that’s wrong but personally I’m happy we are pushing out on the edges collectively and making room for new ideas.

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