Destination Italy “Dolce Vita by The Water”


Photography Stéphane Marquet @alekandsteph

Throughout the years we have featured travel sections inside BELLO mag, but today we are launching our very first BELLO DESTINATION issue, taking us to ITALY and the “Dolce Vita by the water”. It’s a labor of love even tho there was absolutely nothing laborious about this. Over a period of one year I have traveled several times to Italy to create this issue. From the Positano on the Amalfi coast, Capri to Venice and Lake Como, we wanted to explore what Italy has to offer hanging by the water.

This Summer 2019 issue is brought to you by our Destination partner Air France.
“Having travelled the world many times around for the past 20 years, I often came to the same conclusion: The best times were the one I ended up planning the least. Sure, travelling requires a bare minimum, such as flights and accomodations. But once you’ve checked those two boxes, it is time for adventure. My wish is for you to see BELLO Destination as an inspiration. A vision board to awaken the traveler in you. We all experience travels in different ways depending on our center of interests, our mood, the weather, the people we travel with … its formula is so specific that I would not dare pretending to tell someone how to have the best time. Travels are made to sometimes relax and do nothing but most times to push us out of our comfort zone. Managing expectations is very inportant when travelling and trying to recreate someone’s perfect day can lead to unpleasant and disapointing moments. So I really hope that we can inspire you to dream about those places, go see for yourself and make memories that will last forever.”
Stéphane Marquet
BELLO Destination Editor in Chief.
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