Dana Vaughns

Transcending with Dana Vaughns

Dana Vaughns has a surreal connection with music which transports him to a world between God and Earth. Feeling elevated whenever his voice gets put to work, he embraces the wonders of life as he continues to grow his répertoire and gift as a musician. Pushing his musical talents to all types of genres, Vaughns refuses to stay in a box and has propelled himself forward, not letting anything nor anyone stop him. His kindness and smile will feel your heart with warmth as his voice will set you into a state of complete serenity. Many things to come for the talented Dana Vaughns, so make sure to stay happy, stay alert, and hop on the transcendence express.

Share with us what you feel when you are singing. Can you paint us a picture of what those feelings are like?

When I sing, I feel like I’m the instrument between God and the Earth. As artists we are supposed to dedicate our lives to be the medium between the unseen and the perceivable. I take my time with my delivery and breath behind every word to ensure a correct translation of the music for the listener.

As you step towards a microphone, what is going through your mind? What are you feeling?

As funny as it may seem, but I make sure my throat is clear. I’ve always had the nightmare of starting to sing on the mic and nothing comes out. Besides that, I take a breath and take charge of my thoughts and try to take myself out of the way so the audience can experience something pure.

What inspires your music? 

I’m inspired by my feelings. I open myself up and allow my soul to dictate the vibration, and words that match with it. I usually write from my future, or at least where I want to be or feel in the future by the time the songs come out.

If you get writer’s block, how do you overcome it?

I use patience. Not forcing the words on the paper. Trusting that whatever is supposed to come out, will.

If you had to pick a song to describe your life, what would it be?

“It’s Love” by Jill Scott

Growing up, what role did music play in your life? 

Music has been woven into every aspect of my life even before I started creating it. From dancing, to getting hype with my dad over old rap groups, music has been the extra motivation for every moment in my life.

What pushed you to experiment with different genres? What are you most looking forward to with your upcoming releases?

The possibilities are endless. My goal in life is to merge the things we think don’t have any common thread. I’m excited for my upcoming music because I feel as if I’ve done that again. Following my first R&B EP Familiar Strangers which merged the gap between rhythm and context; Love So Different will be a hybrid of Classic R&B lyrics and current hip-hop instrumentation. I wanted to make something for people like myself. People who are emotionally bold, but still in need of a hard-hitting track to underline our feelings.

As an actor, what has been your favorite project to work on?

It’s always so hard to pick my “favorite” job. My most recent acting role was “Marcus” on Netflix’s Top 10 show, Never Have I Ever. The freedom you feel as an actor on this set is refreshing. It’s always nice to know your personal spin on the character is accepted.

Who is the “real” Dana Vaughns?

The “real” Dana Vaughns is the same Dana Vaughns you think you know. I’m a big-hearted intellect who loves to study God through art and writing. I’m always cracking jokes to lighten up people’s spirits and in return that heals me as well.

What truly and unconditionally makes you smile?

The truth makes me smile. Even if it hurts. I love finding peace within the things I cannot change. Anytime I can be around like-minded people makes me smile.


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