Christian Serratos

At 21 Christian Serratos has been part of two of pop cultures biggest franchises, Twilight and The Walking Dead. The talented California-born beauty sat down with BELLO to talk about her epic role on one of TV’s most addictive dramas and what she likes most about her badass character in the apocalyptic zombie world.

So the Walking Dead is back after a harrowing last season! What can you tease about this upcoming season? In the first half of season 7 we saw the aftermath of two huge loses. We saw the character we love become submissive for the first time. I’m really looking forward to the second half where hopefully we see them rise up with success.

What would you say your three favorite qualities about Rosita Espinosa are? Persistence, bravery and mystery.
How has Rosita evolved this season? Are there any changes to her personality that you noticeably recognize from reading the scripts? All these characters went through a life changing experience at the top of this season. It’s the lowest we have ever seen them. Losing two of her family members absolutely propelled her in a different direction. What’s interesting this season is seeing if that direction is going to get her killed or if it’s going to avenge her loved ones.

Hopefully it won’t come to this soon! But if your character were to be killed off, how would you want to go? Death on this show is inevitable. Kirkman gave Rosita an epic death in the comic book, he did that for every character. No wasted moments.  So whatever twist or turn happens for her I’ll take it with bells on.

You regularly post on Instagram and Twitter about your love for animals. You specifically posted recently about Project Chimps and your support for them. Can you tell me a little more about this? Project chimps is a brand new chimpanzee sanctuary in northern Georgia, which will eventually be home to 300 former laboratory chimps. I’ve been a supporter of the humane society of the United States for years and when I heard they had funded this beautiful project, I had to go see for myself! People can learn more, donate, and read about the chimps stories at

Have you always been passionate about animals? I’ve always loved animals and thought they should be treated with respect. Like a lot of people I was scared of information. I didn’t want to know what terrible things were happening right under my nose. To properly do my part and help in the way I wanted and needed to meant educating myself. Which is usually the hardest part.




The Oscars or The Golden Globes?  One of each please

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram 

Comedy or Action? Comedy

Summer or Fall? Fall

TV shows or Movies? TV is always on in my house

Romance or Thriller? Thriller

Beach or Skiing? Beach

Photography: Sosa + Art

Fashion Stylists- Lisa Cera and Tyler J McDaniel, The Rex Agency

Makeup Nicole Walmsley

Hair Sienree

Photo Assistaint Renato Gontijo

Fashion Intern- Monica Ray

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