Charlotte D’Alessio

Charlotte D’Alessio
Charlotte D’Alessio became an overnight sensation and has been on an uphill climb ever since. Having always pushed herself to be the best she can be, a lot has happened for the talented model. Having been part of the the social media campaign for Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Fragrance was a definite highlight in her career but that’s not all! Working on her own Podcast, D’Alessio hopes to appeal to her generation by getting them involved in deeper talks about everything going on around us. When life gets bumpy, she is sure to accept it and let it go as she continues to move forward. Charlotte D’Alessio inspires those around her through poise, intellect, and beauty: something we can all learn from!
By Alexandra Bonnet
Having gone viral from one photo, what was it like having your life turn around so quickly?
Very bizarre and confusing. I just didn’t understand why people were so receptive and why people cared. But, it was very exciting to go through and have be apart of my jump into entertainment and modeling.
Growing up, what did you always say you “wanted to become” ? Did you ever think you would get into the entertainment industry? 
wanted to either become a fashion designer or a vet. I ended up turning into such a realist with very idealistic views on how my life should be and what I realistically should be doing. Entertainment for me was something I always looked at as such a risk and something I would never do because “oh do u know how hard it is to make it?” That was me as a young teen and I am just so happy that this push on my life over the last couple years opened my eyes to where I can see how flawed, safe & self doubting my old views were.
Who have you always looked up to and why?
I don’t know if i’ve looked up to anyone really. I never really had role models as a kid. My role model to myself was always what I saw myself becoming in 5 years time.
Share with us your favorite moment about being part of the social media campaign for Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Fragrance that debuted in June on-line. 
My favorite moment was being able to hang with my friends. Both girls are now friends of mine and I knew Lilly prior. Anytime there’s people you know or vibe with on set, it never feels like work. Truly feels like you’re just hanging out in cool clothes.
For anyone out there feeling stuck, what advice would you give them?
I think ask yourself “why?” Ask the tough questions to yourself and at least understand why you’re feeling the way you are and try to think big picture. How will this moment in your life compare in a year ? Probably nothing. Don’t get caught up in the details and turbulence of your everyday life and if you do, remember that it’s so small.
Tell us more about your family in Canada. What has the transition been like coming to the States?
My family doesn’t really live in Canada anymore. My mom moved to England right after I moved to the states and my dad, who previously lived in LA, moved to Thailand. So the transition was interesting and honestly just a very great change. I always really enjoyed change, growing up and switching it up. So to me, moving was just something that would change my life completely that I was so up for.
You plan on creating a podcast. Can you share a bit more about it?
It’s going to be an extension of my tumblr that I have and will go more into depth. I think there’s a lack of spoken word, deep conversations online for kids my age and id love to be a part of helping create that.
What do you do to keep yourself balanced and centered?
Spending time with friends really keeps me centered. I’ve always been someone who really values my alone time more than most people but friends and company are what remind me how great life is.
When you are feeling down, what helps you feel better?
Let it out, feel everything and then move on. Take a shower, watch something funny or listen to music and dance around. I try not to take life so seriously and always always pull myself out of where I am and recognize that a feeling may feel like the end of the world but it just temporary and this won’t matter in 5 years.
What is next ?
I’ve started getting into acting and did my first independent film with my friends. so im really excited for what & getting into that. i think it’s something i could do very well if just put all of my time into it. which i intend on doing.
Talent CHARLOTTE D’ALESSIO @charlottedalessio
Photography ALENA SAZ @alenasaz
Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph
Styling STAR BURLEIGH @starburleigh
Styling Assistant BRANDON MICHAEL @brandonmichael_betch
Hair LAURA RUGETTI @laurarugetti
Makeup JEN TIOSECO @jentioseco

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