Chance Perez

Chance Perez: The Man Who Does It All

You may have been introduced to Chance Perez in 2017 for winning the TV show BoyBand. However, we have only scratched the surface with Chance. Embarking on his solo music career, and a debut leading television role, he is coming to you in multiple mediums. Check out Chance as the Black Ranger on Power Rangers Dino Fury, and be sure to keep an eye out because his new single,”Can’t Trust Summer,” will be dropping soon!

Can you talk about how you got involved in music? What is your earliest memory of music?

I got my start in music in 2017, when I won the ABC Family TV show BoyBand with four other musicians and formed the group In Real Life. After touring worldwide for two years, we decided to work on our solo careers. I’ve always had a love for singing and learning to play new instruments. When it comes to my earliest memory, my parents were always playing music in the house when I was a kid. My mom has the funniest home video of me as a 4-year old singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer at the top of my lungs in my Spider-Man underwear.

You’ve now embarked on your solo music career, what can we expect from your first few projects? How soon could we be listening to it?

The first song I’ll be releasing is a song called, “Can’t Trust Summer”, which will be released in August of 2021. I’ve had this song in the vault for the last year and am so excited to be releasing it for the world to hear. I’ve been working hard and have several songs that will be released over this next year, so stay tuned!

Who do you draw inspiration from the most? Where does your sound spawn from?

I try and draw inspiration from everywhere I go. Musically, I’m inspired by Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, and 1975 along with many others. I draw from my life experiences, my friends, my family, and anyone that I come in contact with. There’s something to be gained from every situation life puts you in, and I incorporate that in my music.

How have you navigated the creative process when writing a song? What is that like for you?

Songwriting can either be the most frustrating thing in the universe, or the most liberating. I’ve always found that whenever you sit down saying, “I’m going to write the best song of my life right now”, it rarely happens.  For me, the process is most successful when I’m not thinking too hard about what I am going to say, but instead just letting it come. I turn on my voice memos, record, listen to them and start piecing together what my subconscious is saying. It may sound odd, but that’s how I write the majority of my songs.

Recently, you hopped on the track “Bad”, with Deerock and Wyle. How was that experience?

I’m honored to have been on the track and had a great time working with both of them. It’s a great experience when you get to work with somebody new and create cool music. The song won an award for the best new EDM/Pop song on PopSmashRadio in Philly! So big thank you to PopSmash and Deerock and Wyle for the collaboration on Bad!

Originally making your debut to the world through music, how has the transition to becoming an actor been? What have been some of the difficulties?

It’s still so exciting to me I get to call myself an actor now! Acting has always interested me, but I had never acted a day in my life until, Power Rangers Dino Fury. Portraying another person and molding them into who you envision them to be is a tough thing to do. You’re constantly thinking, “How would my character react to this situation? What is my character’s reasoning for saying this? What does my character want from this scene?” etc.

The toughest thing for me was bringing emotions to the surface, right when they needed to be, even if I wasn’t feeling them. To act the best that I could for the scene, being in the right emotional state was key. To be in that state all day can really tire you out, but I think it’s worth it.

You have a leading role in the Nickelodeon series Power Rangers Dino Fury, as the Black Ranger, what do you enjoy about this role? Did you watch Power Rangers growing up?

I got to pour my heart into Javi Garcia from day one because not only is he power ranger; which is a show that I watched constantly as a kid, he’s also a musician and deals with the emotions of feeling like the black sheep of his family, which I feel a lot of kids can relate to. It’s hard to pinpoint something that I enjoy *the most* because everything about my Power Ranger experience was amazing. It was the best first role that I could’ve possibly been given.

Can we expect to see you on-screen in other shows or films?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sending in self-tapes, trying my hand at various types of roles/projects. There’s nothing that I can disclose at this moment other than that I am still pursuing an acting career.

You have a six-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, how has fatherhood been a positive influence on your life and career?

Becoming a father at 17 years old shaped me into the person I’ve become today. She’s my rock, my motivation, my biggest fan and I love her so much. When it comes to my career, she quickly became my drive. Being able to provide for her while doing something I love is my dream.  I hope that I teach her to always work hard for what she wants, and just as importantly, to always follow her dreams and passions.

What do you want to accomplish within the next few years? Where do you see yourself?

In the next 5 years, I would like to see myself performing in stadiums and acting in movies on the big screen! I hope that any songs I release, or roles I play, will continue to bring joy to those who listen or watch. I love writing music and have a lot of songs that I’m dying to get released. I hope my music speaks to my fans as much as they speak to me.


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