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Fashion is full of personalities. On the short list, you’ll find The Recluse, The Snob, The Affected, The Demure, The Shy, The Angst-Ridden, The Guru, The Irreverent, The Tastemaker. But one fashion personality is entirely his own; Equal parts talented, humble, gracious, hilarious, respectful, empowering, relatable, astute, clever, and as grounded as one can be with a Louboutin collection too numerous to count, celebrity stylist, creative director and TV personality, Brad Goreski, cannott be contained.

The former Vogue intern and assistant to Rachel Zoe now counts Lea Michele, Rashida Jones, Sarah Hyland, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Bella Thorne, and Jessica Alba as clients, all flawlessly commandeering the top of Best Dressed lists around the globe. Goreski recently helped Kate Spade turn around lagging business and has been tapped to recharge C. Wonder with both his charisma and design savvy for their spring launch on QVC. To add to the list, the classically trained actor has found himself back on TV armed with a badge and endless witty quips on E!’s Fashion Police. Busy barely describes his schedule, but this hard working, self-made success of a fashion expert squeezed in time to catch up with Bello mag about his many projects, empowering women, trends to scrap and just how he finds humor everywhere, and with good reason.


You essentially hold three job titles at the moment: stylist, TV host of Fashion Police, and Creative Director at C. Wonder. Do you sleep? 

Yes, a lot actually! I’m up by 6:00AM and in bed by 10:00PM. And I don’t go out that much.


Seriously, tell us how you do it?

Well, my days pretty much are very scheduled, and I always make sure I have time for myself. I usually work out from 9:00AM-10:00AM unless I have a fitting or a job. But being your own boss is a good thing in this instance. If you don’t make time for yourself, you can go stir crazy. Even if it’s just cooking in the kitchen with my fiancé. It’s really all about balance.


What is the best investment of your time for you creatively and professionally? 

Fashion is a passion of mine and something I have wanted to be a part of since I was a little kid. So having the opportunity to express myself in fashion through three different venues is kind of a dream come true.  I’d say the best investment of my time is to focus on the task at hand no matter how many things you have lined up. When working on a client, I’m solely focused on them. And when I’m working on Fashion Police, that is my main focus. It’s key to always be present on the project you are working on at the time.



To you, what is humor’s role in fashion? 

I think it’s the biggest role in fashion. If you take yourself seriously in this industry, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We are all playing dress up. The more we can laugh at ourselves and find the humor in everything around you, the better outlook you have on everything.


 Are you at all worried about offending or hurting women as a host on Fashion Police? Where is the line drawn for you? 

When I’m talking about a look on the show, it’s the same way I would describe a look to one of my clients. We aren’t talking about the person. The jokes aren’t about the actual people but the clothes. I always go for a punny word or name, something kind of funny that you can maybe roll your eyes at or laugh out loud at. I hope that my expertise comes through on Fashion Police, since I am still a very busy celebrity stylist.



Critics of Fashion Police claim it doesn’t allow for artistic expression that veers off the course of popular thought or trend and that it marginalizes women. Do you agree?  

No, I completely disagree. Our first episode of fashion police had Miley Cyrus as best dressed by a few of the panelists, and her outfit was completely unconventional. I think we are looking for things that are fashion forward! What all the hosts are looking for is what’s different and stands out, and we try to celebrate that.  The trick is that the look has to be executed perfectly from head to toe or else it can become a fashion disaster.


What shows/designers stand out as highlights for you?

I’ve been lusting over Givenchy, Burberry, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Valentino.


What is on your shopping list?

Coats are something I always love, maybe it’s the Canadian in me. I’ve already bought one for this year, and it’s 90 degrees on both coasts. I also always love good shoes. Anything that has an interesting design spin like a shirt or sweater with a different print on it or textured paired with jeans, a good coat and nice shoes. Pairing interesting things with good basics makes it easy. I don’t want to be spending a lot of time mulling which outfit I’m going to wear.



What are you so “done with seeing” on runways, in stores and on red carpets? 

I’m kind of done with seeing the illusion dress. It reached its climax at the Met Ball on Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce. In stores and on people? The wedge sneaker has got to go!



What is one trend you wish women would give a chance? What about men? 

I actually think women are pretty daring and more prone to choosing something with a spin. I wish men would incorporate more color and be a little more creative in their wardrobes. But don’t get me wrong – a cute guy in a plain t-shirt and jeans?  You can’t go wrong!



Congratulations on your C. Wonder appointment! How did that conversation start? 

I’ve always been interested in being a part of QVC. I love what they do. I think they make a great quality product. When I was approached by Xcel Brands I felt like it was exactly the right fit. I’ve waited a long time to make my way into this area of fashion, and I feel like the right opportunity came at the right time, and it was worth the wait.  The CEO of Xcel Brands, Robert D’Loren, is truly a visionary in the way that he sees product and the way that people want to buy it.


Where is the line heading with your direction, and how can we get our hands on it?

The C.Wonder collection will premiere on QVC in Spring 2016 but it will also be available in stores, and that will be its own collection, C Wonder Limited, available in store at the Hudson Bay Company and Lord & Taylor. I’m so excited for everyone to see what designs we’ve been working on! They look incredible!


Will we ever see Brad Goreski play someone else? Do you have any desires to act?

Well, I am actually a classically trained actor. I went to theatre school in Canada and graduated. I did everything from Shakespeare to Chekhov. To be an actor again? I would say, ‘never say never.’ It would have to be the right part, but I don’t know when I could fit that in to my schedule.

Watch Brad Goreski and the rest of the Fashion Police panel ont the E! channel premiering on Monday, Aug. 31, at 8 p.m. EDT.


photography by JIM WRIGHT | Creative Direction Aleksandar Tomovic

styled by BRAD GORESKI



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