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If you don’t know what new show you should be watching in 2023, let us give you that unchallenged answer now. Watch Wolf Pack! I’m sure there are juicy story lines and plot twists waiting us to explore but what got our attention was actor and heartthrob Tyler Lawrence Gray. Starring as a male lead in the upcoming Paramount+ show “Wolf Pack” as the character Harlan Briggs, Tyler is sure to keep audiences wanting more. Set to be released on the streaming platform on January 26, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+, Tyler joins other castmates Armani Jackson (“Honor Society”, READY PLAYER ONE), Bella Shepard (“iCarly”, “A Girl Named Jo”) and newcomer Chloe Rose Robertson who round up the main four characters of the highly anticipated teen supernatural drama.

You are a relatively new actor, jumping straight into an amazing role as Harlan Briggs in “Wolf Pack.” What draws you to acting? Was it always a career choice?

As someone who gears more towards thinking creatively and artistically, acting puts no boundaries to that. Being able to dive into different characters allows me to see and feel how specific each character becomes. I enjoy creating a past of the characters life in my head because it really allows me to put myself in their shoes. It’s beautiful to see your work flow in different directions and watch and feel your character progress in their story. 

Acting was not always a career choice though; in high school I was an athlete with an unsure vision of what I wanted to do with my future. One day I went out to Los Angeles to visit my uncle and he made me do an acting class at his studio which lead me to performing a scene with someone. I remember physically shaking from how nervous I was to do it, and as soon as I finished it, I knew I had discovered a big part of myself that was missing creatively.

 Is there a type of role you have yet to play? What kind would that be?

There isn’t any specific roles I would be looking to play next, I enjoy finding challenging and specific roles as much as a simple/ more two dimensional character. If I were to choose though I would want to embody a character who struggles with mental illness. Not only would I be able to analyze and learn more about what struggles the mental illness would bring but I would also hope to bring awareness to it and help anyone who is struggling with it. 

 “Wolf Pack” is Jeff Davis’ latest project and also based on the novels of Canadian author Edo Van Belkom. Prior to shooting, were you aware of the book series? What did you research in auditioning?

I remember first getting the audition and seeing Jeff’s name in the break down along with the word “wolf” and immediately got excited. I had already been a big fan of Teen Wolf and the supernatural realm. I wasn’t aware that it was based off of the book series “Wolf Pack” but I read the book as soon as I had booked the role. I did some research of wolves behavior because I wasn’t sure how much of that side of the character I was going to cover. Besides that part of it, I knew the character was an 18 year old kid so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard to embrace that aspect. 

Tell us about your character Harlan Briggs How did you create the character and bring him to life? What kind of advice did Jeff Davis provide in bringing Harlan to life? 

Harlan is compassionate and loyal at heart. However, he comes off exuding this assertiveness, and usually acts like he is unbothered by the things going on in his life. Although he is confident with his looks and how he lives, he refuses to trust anyone except for his sister because of his dark secret. He wants to love and accept people into his life but feels that he can’t because having to live most of his life in the shadows, only revealing half of who he is to anyone. Jeff had explained how he envisioned Harlan and his dynamic with other people but for the most part would let me have my own take on the character. I think he did this so that I wouldn’t get in my head and feel like I needed to live up to a certain expectation with the character. Throughout the season he would tweak small things I was doing and overall helped me become a much better actor and have a better perspective. 

 Can you share an interesting experience / fun story while shooting “Wolf Pack”? Interesting on-set interaction? Dynamic with co-stars? 

I remember there was one night that I shot with 

Armani and it was really late in the night so we decided to walk around. We ended up venturing off and snuck off into other sets that we weren’t using and had a full photo shoot in the hospital set. Waiting around made me anxious before filming so I remember multiple days where me and some of the other guys would pass around a frisbee and just talk about life outside of acting. I created such strong bonds with all of the cast mates, even to the point where Chloe and Rodrigo felt like actual family members when we would film together, and it would blow my mind every time. 

This is a completely new franchise we hope becomes an instant fan favorite. What do you hope people love most about watching the show?

I hope that people love the different aspects of the show, there is a lot going on at points but every detail helps explain this crazy story in some way shape or form. I hope that people can relate to different characters in the show and most of all that people enjoy the show and find it entertaining and artistic. 

Besides acting, what are some of your passions that you like to venture in when not on set? 

Besides acting, I would definitely consider myself a gym rat. I love working out and staying in shape and personally feel that it is necessary for me to keep balance in my life. Along with working out I love playing sports like basketball and would say that I have a pretty darn good three point shot. I have put my main focus into acting lately but I do enjoy attempting to write stories/ scripts as well.

Give us two truths and a lie. Hopefully our readers will figure out what the lie is. 

1: When I was a little kid, I could name over 150 species of dinosaurs

2: I’m scared of bugs

3: I’m short

As you know Bello magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Can you share with our readers your take on style and fashion sense.

When it comes to fashion I think that people should wear what they want if they think it is fashionable. I am personally someone who did not have good fashion for a lot of my life but I have started to enjoy it more as I grow older. I associate it with art and love to see how many different combinations I can pull off with clothes. I think that fashion is a way for people to not only express who they are, but how they are feeling day to day as well.


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