BELLO Autoportrait With Laura Marano

This “Autoportrait Session” with Laura Morano is the result of a team work through ZOOM meetings and FaceTimes over the course of a week. Way before our shoot, we had clothes delivered to Laura by Maison Privée along with some beauty brands sending her the necessary products for her live tutorial. The day before the shoot the entire team gathered on a fun ZOOM meeting to go over the looks, the beauty and some photo ideas with stylist Lo VonRumpf, photographer and editor in chief Aleksandar Tomovic, makeup artists Danni Katz, entertainment editor Alex Bonnet and of course Laura herself. The day of the shoot Laura Marano started a ZOOM meeting with Danni who gave her a tutorial on how to do her hair and makeup as they both of did the exact same thing at the same time. Once ready, Laura connected through FaceTime with Aleksandar to guide her through the process of taking photos of herself only using a tripod for the full look images. In between looks, Laura took some time to connect with Alex for a quick IG live interview and to answer some fans’ questions.

That day was long for all of us but a really fun and creative one!

It is important for us to keep on doing the things we love and see how connected we all are regardless of social distancing.


What a pleasure it was getting to know Laura Marano during BELLO’s first Instagram Live ever!

We learned a bit more about the actress/singer and how she has been coping during COVED-19.
After all, there is much self-reflection going on. For Laura, with a little humor, she shared how much clutter she realized she has in her apartment which has become a goal to accomplish: time for a Spring cleaning! As an actress and singer, some projects have been put on hold but that doesn’t stop her from working hard every day! Having released a new song, she is excited to share with her fans more content and just keep building herself a little more daily. We also tried something new where we had a team help her get dressed and ready for a home photoshoot! Laura had such an amazing time playing dress up from dresses to hip loungewear and more. During our live, we had a chance to meet Laura’s character “Randa”, a badass fairy pixie who is also super girly. With her Charles & Ron Skirt and Premiere Apparel top, she definitely reflected the spirit of a beautiful fairy! Looking forward to hugging her parents when all this is done, it gives us a chance to also reflect on what our first move will be once quarantine is over. There is much to look forward to but as the talented actress/artist discussed during the interview, this is also a great time to self-reflect and discover new things about ourselves!
With everything going on, it’s important to keep staying safe and be mindful of the “time off” we have.
Thank you to Lo Vonrumpf, Danni Katz, and everyone who made this possible!
And a big thank you to Laura Marano for sharing this experience with us!


“A quarantine photoshoot.” When my team and Bello Magazine pitched this idea to me, I wasn’t sure about it. I know what it takes to do a proper magazine photoshoot, and let me tell you, it takes a village. Doing one by myself just didn’t seem possible…and yet, I was curious.

It was week 2 of quarantining, and like many people, I was feeling so down and powerless. I thought, why not take this strange time and strange situation to push myself? So I did. I started to mentally prepare myself for the daunting and seemingly isolated task: Bello magazine and the stylist Lo VonRumpf would pick out clothes to send to me at least 48 hours before, I would FaceTime the hair and makeup stylist Danni Katz to go through my glam step by step, I would have my lovely boyfriend help take the photos, and I would simultaneously be zooming Bello’s editor Aleksandar Tomovic to get his notes on lighting and poses. Easy, right?

I was definitely a little stressed and uncertain about so many things: Would I do a good job on my hair and makeup? Would I be able to make the clothes fit? How in the world am I going to make these iPhone pictures look like professional magazine photos?! The day before, I did a two hour zoom fitting with the whole team, and I instantly started feeling a little better. It began to dawn on me that even though I was “technically” doing this photoshoot by myself, I was definitely not alone. The day of the photoshoot was as fun as it was intense, and I was blown away by everyone’s hard work, even if it was virtual. It still took a village to make this photoshoot happen, and I truly am so thankful for the whole team (Danni, Lo, Alek, Alex and of course, Thom) for helping me make it a success. Being able to creatively collaborate during this time has been essential for me, and this photoshoot was the epitome of a creative collaboration. I hope everyone enjoys the photos and maybe gets a little inspired to do their own photoshoot at home (I promise you, it’s possible!).


Autoportraits by Laura Marano
FaceTime Creative direction video by Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph
Editing Alena Saz @alena_saz
Zoom styling session by Lo VonRumf @stylelvr
Zoom Beauty tutorial by Danni Katz @dannidoesit using Unite hair, Raincry, Ilia and Kevyn Aucoin
Interview Alex Bonnet @bonnetalex18
Fashion by Maison Privée @maisonpreiveepr_la using Dulce Bestia, No Jeans, Charles & Ron, Aime Moi Paris, Nil & Mon, Lin Art Project, FREE LANCE, Premier Apparel, Frantzi + Marc Jacobs, Stewart Wiseman shoes.

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